Here Comes Sunday – Wilburn & Wilburn

wilburn2013sundayThis edition of the ‘must buy or not’ feature will be a collaborative effort from Kyle Boreing and Steve Eaton.

Father/Son duo Wilburn and Wilburn (Jonathan/Jordan) now have a couple of years under their belt and 2013 finds the release of the duo’s third album; Here Comes Sunday.

Here Comes Sunday offer the listener progressive Southern Gospel sounds with modern country overtones.  The sound/style is similar to what listeners got with the duo’s previous effort, Family Ties.

Song list:  (1) “Here Comes Sunday” – Lee Black, Jason Cox, Tony Wood  (2) “Funeral Plans” – Linda Gibson-Johnson  (3) “Joseph” – Don Poythress, Tony Wood  (4) “Anybody Like Jesus” – Joseph Habedank  (5) “I’m Bound For That City” – Albert E Brumley  (6) “Every Scar” – Lee Black, Gina Boe, Jerry Salley  (7) “Help Me” – Jimmy Yeary, Cledus T. Judd, Gary LeVox  (8) “If These Old Walls Could Talk” – Jerry Salley, Dianne Wilkinson  (9) “Man Like Me” – Dianne Wilkinson, Jimmy Yeary  (10) “Heaven’s Jubilee” – George Speer  (11) “Everything’s New” – Rebecca Peck  (12) “Across The Miles” – Karen Ruth Staley


  • Jonathan Wilburn gets to show off his soulful side with “Funeral Plans,” a song that reminds me of “When He Calls” or “I’m Rich” from his Gold City days
  • Jordan has got a modern vocal quality that lends itself well to the more progressive tracks, which contrast interestingly with his dad’s more traditional approach.
  • “Joseph” is easily the stand-out track on this project; I can see it fast becoming a “companion song” to another well-known modern Christmas classic.
  • It was fun to hear Steve Ladd singing harmonies with Jonathan and Jordan on “Anybody Like Jesus,” a straight-up country tune.



  • Lee Black is fast becoming one of the industry’s best songwriters.  I have lost count the number of albums I reviewed over the last year where a Lee Black song was the stand out track on the recording.
  • Such is the case with Here Comes Sunday.  The modern country title track sets the mood for the entire recording.  It is one of the best opening tracks (or songs for that matter) I’ve heard so far in 2013.  It adds a slightly different telling of the resurrection story.
  • Don Poythress and Tony Wood penned a stellar song with “Joseph”.  The way in which this story is presented in song is not the type of song that would’ve been recorded in Southern Gospel music 20 years ago.  The way Jonathan and Jordan trade-off on the verses also enhance the way in which the story is presented.  This song is a must listen!
  • The first single, “Man Like Me”, features Jordan and should do well for the duo.  Jordan is also featured on the stand out up tempo song on the album, “Anybody Like Jesus”. 


  • “Heaven’s Jubilee” has been done by too many artists to list; as such, it is very difficult to come up with something new to offer to the Dad Speer favorite. Unfortunately, this appears to be the case with this recording.
  • Ben Isaacs handles the production on this project, which initially piqued my interest with his recent work with the Gaither Vocal Band, The Oak Ridge Boys, and his family’s recordings, but the mixes on a few of the songs leave a bit to be desired.



  • More song covers.  Song covers have diluted the strength of several albums I reviewed this year.  Here Comes Sunday features so-so covers of “Every Scar” (Talleys), “Funeral Plans” (Master’s Voice), “Heaven’s Jubilee” (classic) and “I’m Bound For That City” (classic).  Is quality new material scarce enough that artists have to use so many covers?


  • YES – Despite my feelings on the mixes, the strength of the songs and the quality of singing by both the younger and elder Wilburn make this one you will want to add to your collection. I also second Steve’s feelings on “Joseph.” Don’t be surprised to find this song on some “best of 2013” lists at the very least.



  • YES – The strength of this recording outweighs the so-so song covers.  “Here Comes Sunday”, “Joseph” and “Man Like Me” are three of the best songs I’ve heard in 2013.

7 thoughts on “Here Comes Sunday – Wilburn & Wilburn

  1. “Here Comes Sunday” is one of the strongest songs I’ve heard all year. “Joseph” on the other hand I’ve heard a couple of times already by other artists (Jason Crabb particularly) and it bores the snot out of me. Lyrically, it is a gem, but musically it’s a snoozer for me.

    1. I should note that this is a strong recording – but I was disappointed that more songs weren’t like “Here Comes Sunday” in the area of arrangements. This is a duo – so duo vocals should be highlighted with some background vocals in the back to enhance the actual duet vocals. However, most of the tracks just sound like solo songs for Jonathan and Jordan with very little vocal interaction between the two of them. That was a major disappointment for me. I want to hear a duet – not multiple solo songs with BGVs way too strong in the mix.

      Strongest tracks to me are “Here Comes Sunday” (by far), “Funeral Plans”, “Anybody Like Jesus” and Jordan’s great vocals on “Everything’s New”.

  2. This is a solid CD. It is one of my 5-6 favorites so far this year. My favorite songs on this album are “Anybody Like Jesus” and “Here Comes Sunday”. These are two of the best songs I have heard all year! I also really like the bluegrass infused “If These Old Walls Could Talk”.

    “Joseph” did not impress me at all, but I did enjoy Jonathan’s cover of a great slow song titled “Across the Miles”. Unless there are some really good albums still to come in 2013, this will probably be in my top 10 at the end of the year.

    1. There are still several due out – Karen Peck & New River’s is amazing, The Browders new one just hit, and Collingsworth Family’s I’m sure is amazing. I also heard word from an industry insider that Gordon Mote’s may just be the best record of the year.

      1. I am looking forward to all of those! I love NQC time when so many groups release new albums. I think 4 of my top 5 albums last year released in August or later.

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