Most Influential – #11 – Nelons

nelons1978livemax (300x300)This week continues with the artist ranked 11th among the most influential in Southern Gospel history; the Nelons.

The Nelons was built out of the legacy Rex Nelon created as a member of the LeFevres.  Rex spent 20 years singing bass with the LeFevres.  When Eva Mae decided to come off the road in 1977, Rex Nelon took over the group and changed the name to the Rex Nelon Singers.

That first group was composed of Rex (bass), Kelly (alto), Janet Paschal (soprano) and Rodney Swain (lead).  The group found immediate success with their first album, The Sun’s Coming Up.  This song still remains a signature song for the group.

The Rex Nelon Singers would pick up their first #1 song in 1980 with “Come Morning”.  That same year they recorded a song that would become another signature for the group, “We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown”.

By the time they released their 1985 album, In One Accord, the Rex Nelon Singers was shortened to the Nelons.  The music the Nelons created in the 1980’s has left an indelible mark on the music we hear in Southern Gospel music in 2013.

Today’s generation of the Nelons continue with Kelly, daughter Amber and husband Jason.


  • nelons1988getreadymaxThe number of times a mixed/family Southern Gospel artist has staged “We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown” over the course of the last thirty years is testament enough of the mark the Nelons influence has left on Southern Gospel.
  • The music the Nelons were creating in the 1980’s can/could be seen in the following artists:  Beene Family, Bledsoes, Browns, Collingsworth Family, Crist Family, Dills, Johnson Edition, Lesters, LordSong and Taylors.
  • The Nelons also saw Dan Clark, Karen Peck Gooch, David Hill, Paul Lancaster, Todd Nelon, Lamar Newton, Katy Peach, Charlotte Ritchie, Amy Roth, Jeff Stice, Jerry Thompson and Stan Whitmire spend time with the group.
  • Hit Songs:  “All That Matters”, “Bring My Children Home”, “Come Morning”, “Covered By The Blood”, “He Called Me Out”, “He Rolled Back The Stone”, “He’s The Calm Before The Storm”, “Holy Is The Name”, “I Choose The Lord”, “I Want To Be Like My Lord”, “I’ll Just Lay It Down And Leave It”, “I’ll Talk To My Father”, “I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is”, “I’m Gonna Keep Walking”, “I’m On My Way”, “I’ve Got A Right”, “Jesus Is Alive And Well”, “Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven”, “Leaning Place”, “Let The Redeemed Say So”, “Love Of God For Me”, “Moment I’m Gone”, “More Than Conquerors”, “No More Tears”, “O For A Thousand Tongues”, “Settled At The Cross”, “The Sun’s Coming Up”, “Take Off Those Rags Lazarus”, “Thanks”, “That’s Enough”, “That’s Why I Love To Call His Name”, “There Is A Way”, “There’ s More Where That Came From”, “Waiting On The Word”, “We Shall Overcome”, “We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown”, “We Speak Your Name”, “Wedding Day”, “Well Done My Child”, “What A Change”, “When I Receive My Robe And Crown”, “Where Sin Has Been Pardoned” and “You Ain’t Seen The Last Of Jesus”.
  • Best Album:  Get Ready (1988)


Here is a YouTube clip, from our MusicScribeBlog channel, of the Nelons performing one of their biggest hits; “O For A Thousand Tongues”.  Enjoy


2 thoughts on “Most Influential – #11 – Nelons

  1. One current Nelons influence is shown in the Hoppers. In the past, they’ve recorded several Nelons tunes. They also have a sound modeled after that lineup of the 80s.

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