These Truths – Old Paths

oldpaths2013thesetruthsThis edition of the ‘must buy or not’ feature will be a collaborative effort from Diana Brantley and Steve Eaton.

The Old Paths are rising in the ranks of Southern Gospel’s biggest quartets.  They are nominated in 2013 for favorite new quartet at the Singing News fan Awards.  The Old Paths just released their newest Sonlite Records album; These Truths.

After having two #1 singles from their previous effort, Right Now, the Old Paths are on track to follow that up with the new songs found on These Truths.

Song list:  (1) “We Are Those Children” – Jeff Gibson  (2) “Isn’t That Why He Came” – Karen Gillespie, Rachel McCutcheon  (3) “Enough And Then Some” – Christie Capps  (4) “We Hold These Truths” – Steve Marshall, Phil Mehrens  (5) “Love Them To Jesus” – Rodney Birch  (6) “If It Were Not For Grace” – Robin Clayton  (7) “I’m Just Passing Through” – Chris Binion, John Darin Rowsey, Steve Marshall  (8) “God Said I Love You” – Craig Edwards  (9) “God’s Gonna Do The Same” – Ronny Hinson  (10) “Long Live The King” – Chris Binion, Dianne Wilkinson


  • “Enough and Then Some”  – For those who love bass singing, this happy little song has it all – the bass singing the melody on the verses and big, deep low notes on the chorus.  Young bass Daniel Ashmore is so good!
  • “Isn’t That Why He Came”  Jeremy Peace is featured with his pure tenor voice.  This  would be a great song in a Christmas musical but it’s a wonderful song for any season as well.  On the absolutely beautiful scale, I’d give it a 10!   And “God Said I Love You” was another gorgeous tenor feature on a song that deserves a 10!
  • While I really liked “Love Them to Jesus” with its great lyrics bumped up by its strong melody and beat, I would like to see “God’s Gonna Do the Same” or “Enough and Then Some” as the first single from the project.
  • As more people hear Tim Rackley, they’ll start realizing that he’s one of the very best lead singers out there!  Whether it’s a fast song like “I’m Just Passing Through” or the stunning ballad “Long Live the King,”  you can always expect a top-notch delivery!!



  • The Old Paths have found a winning combination with songwriter Rodney Birch.  Their two previous #1 hits (“Battle Stand” and “God’s Great”) were both penned by Birch.  The group has another #1 Rodney Birch song on These Truths.  “Love Them To Jesus” needs to be a radio single from this album.
  • The Old Paths record a Kingdom Heirs style Dianne Wilkinson ballad with “Long Live The King”.  Co-written by Chris Binion, “Long Live The King” has second choice for radio single possibilities.  Lead singer, Tim Rackley, is featured on both songs.
  • Tenor Jeremy Peace has two strong ballad features with “Isn’t That Why He Came” and “God Said I Love You”.  I am surprised Jeremy is not mentioned among today’s best tenor singers.  He can convey a message with a song like “Isn’t That Why He Came” or lift the roof off singing an ending to “Love Lifted Me”.
  • I am so pleased the Old Paths are honoring the legacy of Heaven Bound.  They recorded “I Know My God Can Do It” on Right Now and they decide to kick off These Truths with another Heaven Bound classic, “We Are Those Children”.  May I recommend “I Feel His Promise” for the next album.
  • Bass singer, Daniel Ashmore is given the chance to cover a Hinson classic; “God’s Gonna Do The Same For You And Me”.  While it doesn’t have as much punch as the Hinson original, it is still worth a listen.



  • No dislikes from me!  While it does seem that baritone Doug Roark is usually featured on slower songs, I’d love to hear something  peppier from him.



  • The only song I found myself skipping over on the first listen was “We Hold These Truths”.  The message contained in the song is worth a listen.  It might have been the delivery of the song that caused me to skip over it at first listen.



  • YES – After Right Now, I was expecting a terrific album and I wasn’t disappointed!  This album has lots of great upbeat songs with a smattering of slow ones and one knockout ballad!



  • YES – The Old Paths continue to release an album a little better than the previous.  These Truths is the best Old Paths recording to date.

7 thoughts on “These Truths – Old Paths

  1. Great review! I haven’t confirmed this with anyone in the group, but I saw somewhere that “We Are Those Children” is the first radio single. And I would be completely shocked if “Long Live The King” isn’t the follow up single.

  2. Enjoyed the review! Just purchased “These Truths” on itunes today, after discovering it was available on spotify a day or so ago. Another great album by the old paths! I hope their success just continues. From tenor to bass, all vocalists are top notch and I hope they receive the credit they deserve (awards ect).

    Am I the only one who thinks “we are the children” sounds close “My God will send a moses”?

    1. Heaven Bound has a lot of similar sounding songs. I had thought “We Are Those Children” sounded like “I Know My God Can Do It” from the previous project. Makes sense that both were from the Heaven Bound catalog.

  3. I ordered this CD today, and I can’t wait to hear it! If it is even better than “Right Now” then it could very well be in my top 5 albums at the end of 2013!

  4. I must admit…We were a trio for a while, and we had to do something different to seperate us from some of the other trios. We tried to mix a heavenbound/hinson style into our sound. It was something that just seemed to work for us. Granted, we added a bass singer, but we are still big fans of those groups. We try to put our own spin on the songs, like using Dan to sing the verse on the Hinson’s song on the cd. I was going over my heaven bound collection and I noticed that a majority of their songs have the same cord progressions.

    Thanks so much for the kind review. They assure us that we are putting out quality music, and allow us to improve on things that are pointed out in each review. Much appreciated.

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