Surrender – Adam Crabb

adamcrabb2013surrenderGRADE:  B-

  • Album – Surrender
  • Artist – Adam Crabb
  • Label – Daywind Records
  • Style – Modern Country, Progressive SG, Light Pop
  • Release Date – 06/25/13
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes, Rhapsody)



The Crabb Family continue to be a major force in the Southern Gospel industry, even if it is as separate artists nowadays.

After a stint with his group Crabb Revival, Adam Crabb decided to embark on a solo career.  Surrender becomes the debut solo recording for Adam.

The Crabb Family’s style transfers to create the sounds found on Surrender.  Adam Crabb sticks mainly with modern country sounds layered with some progressive Southern Gospel songs.


  • The stand out track on Surrender is the modern country sounds of “Covered”.  The first verse tells the story of a teenage girl getting pregnant and feeling shame and regret, while the second talks of a drug addict.  The only healing force is being covered by the blood.
  • A listener would be hard pressed to be upset with the production quality of a Daywind recording.  Surrender excels at matching the right arrangement to each song that allow Adam’s vocal interpretation to come through.
  • For Southern Gospel enthusiasts, Adam’s cover of “Higher Ground” should garner quite a few listens.  This happens to be the first single to radio.  The listeners are even treated to some bass singing.
  • Adam also turned in a great cover of the Milton Ostrander/Mike Payne penned “I’ve Got A Right To Pray”.  This Paynes original was recorded by the Crabb Family on their Pray recording.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Covered”, “Sometimes God Allows”, “Higher Ground”, “That Whosoever Was Me”, “I’ve Got A Right To Pray” and “Sometimes He Whispers”.
  • Monotony is one of the biggest issues when listening to a solo artist recording.  If the styles, tempos and arrangements aren’t varied enough, one song tends to bleed in to the next.  That happens on Surrender.
  • Sometimes when Southern Gospel artists branch out and record a couple of pop flavored tunes, it works.  In the case of Surrender, they don’t.  “The God I Know Now” and “Jehovah Jireh” are two examples.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Why I Am Who I Am”, “Jehovah Jireh” and “The God I Know Now”.



Adam Crabb’s track record with the Crabb Family/Crabb Revival already have him a large enough fan base to find success with this debut solo album.  There are some strong moments on Surrender, most notably “Covered”.  If you’ve been a fan of the Crabb Family, this album is a must have for your collection.

SONG/(Style) – Songwriter:  1. “That Whosoever Was Me”/(Pop) – Lee Black, Jason Cox, Kenna Turner West  2. “Covered“/(Modern Country) – Lee Black, Jason Cox, Belinda Smith, Sue Smith  3. “I’ve Got A Right To Pray”/(Progressive SG) – Milton Ostrander, Mike Payne  4. “Sometimes God Allows”/(Modern Country) – Gerald Crabb, Don Poythress  5. “Hey Now”/(Modern Country) – Lee Black, Jason Cox  6. “Surrender”/(Modern Country) – Jason Cox, Lee Holland  7. “Why I Am Who I Am”/(Modern Country) – Leslie Satcher  8. “Higer Ground”/(Progressive SG) – Traditional, PD  9. “The God I Know Now”/(Pop) – Ronnie Freeman, Sue Smith, Kenna Turner West  10. “Sometimes He Whispers”/(Modern Country) – Jason Cox, Belinda Smith, Kenna Turner West  11. “Jehovah Jireh”/(P/W) – Ronnie Freeman


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