Most Influential – #14 – Crabb Family

Crabb FamilyThis week continues with the artist ranked 14th among the most influential in Southern Gospel history; the Crabb Family.

The Crabb Family burst on the scene in the late 1990’s.  The song “Please Forgive Me” immediately shot the group to superstar status in Southern Gospel music.  Then, “Through The Fire” took them even further.

The Crabb Family’s country-style Southern Gospel music put them in the same league as the Hinsons in terms of the influence that style group had in Southern Gospel.

The Crabb Family’s influence can be seen in the many groups born out of the original group.


  • crabbfamily1999praymaxA large portion of the influence generated by the Crabb Family can be attributed to the songwriting talents of patriarch, Gerald Crabb.  He penned the majority of the group’s biggest songs.
  • The Crabb Family’s influence can/could be seen in the following artists:  11th Hour, Akins, Arenos, Austins Bridge, Bowling Family, Browders, Aaron & Amanda Crabb, Jason Crabb, Crawford Crossing, Crystal River, Fresh Anointing, Chris Hester, Hoskins Family, McRaes, Red Roots, Shaffer Band, Sneed Family and Zach & Rodney.
  • One interesting tidbit about the Crabb Family is the fact they entered the NQC talent search and lost.  It was a few short years later that “Please Forgive Me” hit #1 and changed everything.
  • Hit Songs:  “Almost Home”, “The Cross”, “Good Day”, “Greater Is He”, “He Came Looking For Me”, “I Sure Miss You”, “If There Ever Was A Time”, “I’m Running On”, “Jesus In A Song”, “Lamb, Lion And The King”, “Please Come Down To Me”, “Please Forgive Me”, “Reason That I’m Standing”, “Shepherd’s Call”, “Something Going On In The Graveyard”, “Still Holdin’ On”, “That’s No Mountain”, “Through The Fire”, “Trail Of Tears”, “The Walk”, “When It’s My Time”, “Where We’ll Never Die”.
  • Best Album:  Pray (1999)


Here is a YouTube clip, published by  D L, of the group performing an early hit; “Still Holdin’ On”.  Enjoy!


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