A Song Every Day – McKameys

mckameys2013songeverydayGRADE:  B-

  • Album – A Song Every Day
  • Artist – McKameys
  • Label – Horizon Records
  • Style – Traditional, Mountain Gospel
  • Release Date – 06/18/13
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Crossroads, iTunes)



A music career that spans nearly 60 years, the McKameys have amassed a loyal/devoted fan base that continue to keep them on the road.

Also in that time period, the group has garnered more #1 songs than any other in Southern Gospel chart history.  Songs like “God On The Mountain” are forever etched in the psyche of the majority of Southern Gospel listeners.

2013 brings the McKameys another new album; A Song Every Day.  How does it stack up against the other 50 albums in the group’s discography?  Let’s find out.


  • I am always impressed with the simple instrumentation used on a McKameys recording to bring out that mountain Gospel sound the McKameys are known for.
  • Roger Fortner is given another chance to pull off the best song on A Song Every Day.  After picking up a #1 song with “Unspoken Request”, Roger should have another hit in the making with “If You Have The Robe On”.
  • Son, Eli Fortner, also outshines the female vocalists on this new effort by pulling off the 2nd best song, “More Like Jesus, Less Like Me”.  Previously recorded by Mercy’s Well, this youthful approach really fits Eli’s voice.
  • Sheryl Farris continues to shine, not only vocally but with the songs she brings to the group.  Her strongest compositions on A Song Every Day are “A Hill Worth Dying On” (of which she has the feature) and “That’s Just Like My Jesus” (which features Connie).
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “If You Have The Robe On”, “More Like Jesus, Less Like Me”, “A Hill Worth Dying On”, “That’s Just Like My Jesus”, “Hold On” and “There Is A Refuge”.
  • Why change a formula that has worked their entire career?  The McKameys don’t stray from their mountain style Gospel folks have come to know.  While it keeps their current fan base happy, it doesn’t open them up to new listeners.
  • While there are several strong selections on A Song Every Day, I don’t know if I am able to pull out a song that will give the McKameys another #1 song.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “The Beatitudes Song” and “I Sing A Song”.



The McKameys continue to offer their fan base exactly what they are looking for.  McKamey fans will love A Song Every Day.  If you are a fair weather fan, take a listen to “If You Have The Robe On” and “A Hill Worth Dying On”.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “The Beatitudes Song”/Ensemble; Peg – Jeff Steele  2. “You Have Been Good“/Ruben –  Sheryl Farris  3. “That’s Just Like My Jesus”/Connie – Sheryl Farris  4. “He Can”/Sheryl – Christie Capps  5. “If You Have The Robe On”/Roger – Annie Chapman, Steve Chapman, Lindsey Habedank  6. “I Sing A Song”/Ensemble – Sheryl Farris  7. “A Hill Worth Dying On”/Sheryl – Sheryl Farris  8. “More Like Jesus, Less Like Me”/Eli – Dianne Wilkinson  9. “Hold On”/Connie – Ray Scarbrough  10. “There Is A Refuge”/Ensemble – Mark Mathes 


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