Redeeming The Time – Kingdom Heirs

kingdomheirs2013redeemingtime250This edition of the ‘must buy or not’ feature will be a collaborative effort from Steve Eaton and David Bruce Murray.

The Kingdom Heirs have created a standard of traditional Southern Gospel quartet music in their last several albums.  Those albums have also centered on the songwriting talents of Dianne Wilkinson.

Redeeming The Time, which released Tuesday (05/21/13), continues that trend.  How does it stack up to the group’s body of work?  Lets find out.

Song list:  (1) “The Sermon On The Mount” – Rebecca Peck, Dianne Wilkinson  (2) “Just Preach It” – Rebecca Peck, Dianne Wilkinson  (3) “How We Gonna Live In Babylon” – Rebecca Peck, Dianne Wilkinson  (4) “Redeeming The Time” – Rebecca Peck  (5) “Wasted Years” – Wally Fowler  (6) “Just Beyond The Sunset” – Dianne Wilkinson  (7) “I’ll Know I’m Home” – Jeff Crews, Dianne Wilkinson  (8) “The Joys Of Heaven” – Dianne Wilkinson  (9) “I Thank You” – Dianne Wilkinson  (10) “Expect The Unexpected” – Logan Peck, Rebecca Peck  (11) “The Borrowed Tomb” – Rebecca Peck, Dianne Wilkinson


  • The first big song that caught my attention on Redeeming The Time is track #7 (“I’ll Know I’m Home”).  This song slightly hearkens the listener back to the big Arthur Rice features that have been lacking on the group’s last couple of albums.  While it doesn’t reach the impact of songs like “Forever Changed” and “He Had To Rise”, it still separates itself as one of the best songs on the album.
  • Jerry Martin gets a feature on another stand out song; “I Thank You”.  I see another #1 Kingdom Heirs/Dianne Wilkinson hit.  This is the type of Kingdom Heirs song I want to hear at radio.
  • One of the strongest up tempo quartet numbers on Redeeming The Time is the Logan and Rebecca Peck penned “Expect The Unexpected”.  In a sea of quartet songs that tend to sound alike, this song is one I found repeating several times.
  • Another must listen song is the Arthur Rice feature; “The Borrowed Tomb”.



  • “Sermon On The Mount” got stuck in my head. I like the lyric, and the way the energy steps up a notch after the first two verses and then again for the final push reminds me of songs the Kingdom Heirs were singing 12-15 years ago like “Anchored In The Rock.”
  • I enjoyed hearing Wally Fowler’s classic “Wasted Years.” I believe this is an Andy Stringfield vocal feature.  This is a Steve French feature.  He gives this lyric an appropriately subdued interpretation.
  • “Just Beyond The Sunset” is my favorite track. Acoustic bass, simple percussion and piano and violin fills provide the foundation for this convention-style vocal arrangement. Jeff Chapman demonstrates his melodic upper range on the second verse.
  • Arthur Rice gets wound up on a fun song titled “Expect The Unexpected.”


  • After having a huge hit with a song titled “Just Preach Jesus”, I am surprised the group would record a song on the follow-up album titled “Just Preach It”.
  • While this album got a little closer than the last couple, am I the only listener that misses the big Arthur Rice power song on a Kingdom Heirs album?



  • I love the arrangement and the performance on “Just Preach It,” but I don’t generally care for lyrics that put “it” at the end of so many lines. The message is explained in the other lyrics, but that hook is the line people remember. I prefer more specific hooks.
  • Whoever wrote out the lyrics for the liner notes didn’t quite get them spaced right on the chorus of “Just Beyond The Sunset.” Does anyone other than me look at that stuff or care, though?


  • YES – This would be a slight yes.  The second half of the album (starting with “I’ll Know I’m Home”) far exceeds the music found on the first half of the recording.  Saying that, it is strong enough for me to give Redeeming The Time a yes on the ‘must buy’ scale.



  • YES – Redeeming The Time is another solid recording by the Kingdom Heirs. Long-time fans will find familiar sounds here.

9 thoughts on “Redeeming The Time – Kingdom Heirs

  1. Steve French sings “Wasted Years”. Maybe you forgot what he sounded like, since he hasn’t had a feature in a few years. 🙂

    Love this album! So much tremendous quartet singing. “Joys of Heaven,” “Just Beyond the Sunset,” “Redeeming the Time,” “Sermon on the Mount”…that’s my kind of singing!

  2. “Wasted Years” is a Steve French feature in concert. I think it is his vocal on the CD. I might have thought different if I hadn’t heard him sing it live before listening to the CD.

    “I’ll Know I’m Home” was a definite crowd favorite when I was in Dollywood a couple of weeks ago. Steve French announced from the stage that it would be released to radio at some point.

    1. I knew either way I guessed it, I’d probably be wrong. A couple of reviews back, I said a solo was by Steve and it was really Andy.

  3. I haven’t had a chance to hear the entire album in its entirety, but was able to catch a special on enlightened that showcased Redeeming the time. In the interview, Steve French was interviewed. Great songs and made me very excited for this album. Just for insight, Steve said that he is the one singing wasted years.

    Excited to finally get my hands on a copy

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