Most Influential – #21 – LeFevres

LeFevresThis week marks the half way point in the most influential series.  The artist ranked 21st among the most influential in Southern Gospel history is the LeFevres.

The LeFevres began singing in 1921 as three siblings; Urias, Alphus and Maude.  Urias and Eva Mae would marry in 1934 to create the group most Southern Gospel listeners are familiar.

The LeFevres would continue until 1977 when Eva Mae, the final remaining LeFevre, would retire from the road and leave the group to Rex Nelon.  As a result the Rex Nelon Singers (another Southern Gospel legacy) was born.


  • lefevres1975The most successful line-up of the LeFevres was the mid to late 1960’s version with Urias, Eva Mae, Alphus, Mylon, Pierce, Rex Nelon and Jimmy Jones.
  • The LeFevres influence was seen in the individuals that passed through the group.  It was already mentioned about the legacy of the Rex Nelon Singers.  Janet Paschal started her career with the LeFevres.  Ron Hutchins (Inspirations) and Theresa McNeil also had careers with the LeFevres.
  • Hit Songs:  “Happy Tracks”, “Honey In The Rock”, “I Love Him So”, “I Love To Call His Name”, “I’ll Go”, “I’ve Come Too Far”, “Jesus Use Me”, “Stepping On The Clouds”, “The Seeker”, “Victory Shall Be Mine” and “Without Him”.
  • Best Album:  Experience (1975)

Here is a YouTube clip, published by AtlantaPianoman, of the LeFevres performing “Wonderful Day”.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Most Influential – #21 – LeFevres

  1. I was saddened to hear that Theresa passed away recently. I saw the LeFevres when I was about 14 and she was very nice to me at the product table when I talked to her. Pretty, classy lady.

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