Retro Spotlight – ‘God Leads Us Along’

smittygatlin1967 (250x250)In this week’s retro spotlight is the Smitty Gatlin Trio.  Smitty Gatlin is most remembered in his time spent with the Oak Ridge Boys (Quartet).

Smitty was a part of the original Oak Ridge Quartet that released their first LP in 1958.  He would remain with the group through 1965.  In 1966, Smitty Gatlin formed his own trio with Bill Baize (of Stamps Quartet fame) and Bill Monroe.

The group released their first album, God Leads Us Along, on Skylite Records in 1967.  That particular line-up stayed together for a couple of years.  The Smitty Gatlin Trio continued recording through 1970.

As part of the retro spotlight here are sound bytes of the Smitty Gatlin Trio’s, God Leads Us Along.  Enjoy!


One thought on “ Retro Spotlight – ‘God Leads Us Along’

  1. Smitty was with the Oaks until late April or early May of 1966. He left to be a minister of music, I believe, and at some point started this group. I have always preferred Duane Allen’s voice to Smitty’s, but I have to tell you, Smitty and this version of the trio singing “I Love Him So” on YouTube is great. I don’t know that I have heard him sing better. He definitely had a quality voice and was supposed to be a great guy.

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