Most Influential – #23 – Perrys

PerrysThis week finds the artist ranked 23rd among the most influential in Southern Gospel history; the Perrys.

The Perry siblings began singing in the 1970’s.  It was the mid 1980’s when the Perrys became introduced to a larger Southern Gospel listening audience.  They signed with Eddie Crook and by the end of the decade had their first mega-song.

The Perrys are at a place in their career where they are still creating influence.  If we were to look back on this type of series again in ten years, the Perrys will no doubt find a higher ranking among Southern Gospel’s most influential.


  • perrys2009Many Southern Gospel listeners would not argue with the fact that the Perrys found greater success when they moved to a three male, one female vocal line-up in 2001.
  • It was the late 1990’s mixed group vocal line-up (with a soprano vocalist) that gave the Perrys their first couple #1 songs.
  • The Perrys influence is just starting to be seen in other artists.  They include:  Diplomats, Littles, New Ground, Sneed Family and Taylors.
  • Hit Songs:  “Blue Skies Coming”, “By Faith I Can Touch Him Now”, “Calvary Answers For Me”, “Celebrate Me Home”, “Damascus Road”, “Did I Mention”, “Every Time I Need Him”, “Get Involved”, “Glory Divine”, “God’s Little People”, “God Sent Angels”, “Grace”, “He Forgets”, “He Knows How”, “He Will Hide Me”, “His Name Was John”, “Holy Shore”, “I Can, I Have, I Will”, “I Got A Hold Of God This Morning”, “I Hear Them Singing”, “I Know It Was The Blood”, “I Remember The Day”, “I Rest My Case At The Cross”, “I Will Find You Again”, “I Wish I Could Have Been There”, “If You Knew Him”, “I’ll Go On For You”, “I’m Gonna Overcome”, “The Mountain”, “Not Even A Stone”, “Potter Knows The Clay”, “Power In Prayer”, “Praise God, It’s Settled, I’m Saved”, “Redeemed”, “Rock Of Ages”, “Royal Descendant”, “Still Blessed”, “This Old Sinner Testifies”, “We Shall Reign” and “When He Spoke”.
  • Best Album:  Almost Morning (2009)

Here is a YouTube clip, published by gospelvideohub, of the Perrys performing their first #1 song, “Not Even A Stone”.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Most Influential – #23 – Perrys

  1. I am in full agreement that “Almost Morning” is their best CD.They have some great songs elsewhere, but that CD is a near perfect one from songs to performance, arrangements etc.

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