Smack Down!! – Nelons – Round 1

This week’s artist album smack down is the first match up for legendary mixed group, the Nelons.  Listen to sound bytes of each recording and then vote for the album you think should win.

  • nelons1988Album – Get Ready
  • Release Year – 1988
  • Vocal Line Up – Jerry Thompson (tenor), Karen Peck (soprano), Kelly Nelon (alto), Rex Nelon (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “In Jesus Name” (2) “I Can Almost Hear The Trumpet” (3) “Revival In The Land” (4) “Get Ready For The Rapture” (5) “Medals, Crowns And Trophies” (6) “A Wonderful Change” (7) “Bring My Children Home” (8) “I Just Keep Watching The Gates” (9) “Building” (10) “We’re Gonna Make It”


  • nelons1991Album – A New Generation
  • Release Year – 1991
  • Vocal Line Up – Jerry Thompson (tenor), Todd Nelon (baritone), Kelly Nelon (alto), Rex Nelon (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “Clap Your Hands” (2) “I’ve Been Through The Blood” (3) “Take Off Those Rags Lazarus” (4) “When Redeemed I Stand” (5) “Making My Plans To Make It” (6) “I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is” (7) “Mercy Called Me By Name” (8) “Let The Church Arise” (9) “I’m Still Leaning On Jesus” (10) “When He Takes My Hand”

4 thoughts on “Smack Down!! – Nelons – Round 1

  1. I’m bait surprised you’d put up the one recording of the Nelons without a soprano and I can’t imagine it getting a fair shot. A New Generation was a great CD in terms of songs and arrangements although I believe it was the beginning of the demise of Jerry’s voice due to having to sing higher. Get Ready was great production-wise, but had some lyricallyweak songs (We’re Gonna Make It, Walk In White–silly). It was a sad follow up to Thanksin this regard. Highlights were In Jesus Name and Medals.

    1. One can’t forget one of the greatest songs recorded in the history of Southern Gospel music; “Bring My Children Home”.

  2. “Get Ready” was one of their best albums, as was their previous album, “Thanks”! Both were stellar pieces of work. “Let the Redeemed Say So” was great as well…but not like the other 2.

    After Karen Peck left, the Nelons were never the same to me. The closest they came to the level of music from the Peck days was their “Following After” recording on Daywind.

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