Personal Vault – ‘Finally’

eddybell1990finallymax (250x250)This week I went in to my personal music vault and pulled out another one of a kind, rare Southern Gospel recording.  Eddy Bell was a member of the Hemphills band in the 1980’s, up until their retirement.

Eddy played drums for the Hemphills.  In 1990, Eddy and wife Valerie recorded an album titled Finally.  This album was country to the core.  Think Buck Owens.

The duo went through ten Southern Gospel classics to give the listener this one of a kind recording.  Here are sound bytes from the 1990 album by Eddy and Valerie Bell; Finally.


One thought on “Personal Vault – ‘Finally’

  1. While they weren’t the best singers…I really liked this recording. You can definitely tell their influences were the Goodmans, Hemphills and the like. I remember as DJ playing their single release, “Thanks for Loving Me”.

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