Most Influential – #25 – Dixie Echoes

1970This week finds the artist ranked 25th among the most influential in Southern Gospel history; the Dixie Echoes.

The Ole Gospel Man, JG Whitfield, started the Dixie Echoes in 1960.  It was when Dale Shelnut came aboard as lead singer in 1963 that would make the Shelnut name synonymous with the Dixie Echoes.

The third generation of Shelnut (Randy Jr) is carrying on the tradition in 2013 as the Dixie Echoes continue to provide classic Southern Gospel quartet music.


  • dixieechoes1973livemax (246x250)The two-year time span of 1969-1970 may have held one of the best vocal line-ups the group ever saw with Larry Ford (tenor), Dale Shelnut (lead), Joe Whitfield (baritone) and Ken Turner (bass).
  • More than influencing other groups, the Dixie Echoes saw many great talented individuals pass through the group.  They include:  Pat Barker, Mike Bullock, Coy Cook, Doyle Harper, Billy Hodges, Tim Riley, Billy Dale Sexton, Andrew Shelnut, Wesley Smith, Gerry Stroup, Billy Todd, Jack Toney and Paul Vinson.
  • Hit Songs:  “Close To The Master”, “Come In The Prayer Room”, “Dancin On My Tombstone”, “Devil And His Old Suitcase”, “Dig A Well”, “I Want To See Jesus”, “I’ll Take Jesus”, “Life Can Have A New Meaning”, “Lord Lead Me Home”, “My Real Home”, “Praise The Name Of God”, “Suddenly A Rainbow”, “Sweet Desert Rose”, “Too Near The Crown”, “Trouble In My Way”, “Welcome Home” and “What’s That Over The River”.
  • Best Album:  Live (1973)

Here is a YouTube clip, published by akdal83, of that Dixie Echoes vocal line-up of 1970 performing “Clinging To A Saving Hand”.  Enjoy!


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