The Definitive Southern Gospel Collection – 1994

bishops1994chapterxlive150I always enjoy bringing this series; the definitive Southern Gospel collection.  The series takes a look at the twenty best album released in Southern Gospel music by year.  Today we take a look at the year 1994.

The Cathedrals began their dominance in the 1990’s by winning group of the year at the Singing News fan awards.  Gold City’s Pillars Of Faith won album of the year for a 2nd year in a row while the McKameys, “Arise” was awarded song of the year.

majesty1994coolclearwater150The Gaither Vocal Band took the Dove awards for Southern Gospel album (Southern Classics) and song (“Satisfied).

The twenty best albums released in Southern Gospel music in 1994:

  1. Chapter X Live – Bishops (MorningStar)
  2. The Martins – Martins (Chapel)
  3. Testify – Gaither Vocal Band (Chapel)
  4. Cool Clear Water – Tony Gore & Majesty (Promised Land)
  5. Carry Me – Isaacs (Horizon)
  6. bfa1994bfa150Thread Of Hope – Jeff & Sheri Easter (Chapel)
  7. Never Thirst Again – Hoppers (Sonlite)
  8. Masterpiece – Dixie Melody Boys (MorningStar)
  9. Brian Free & Assurance – Brian Free & Assurance (Chapel)
  10. Serving A Risen Savior – Greater Vision (RiverSong)
  11. Renewed – Gold City (RiverSong)
  12. Fields Of Greene – Greenes (ACA)
  13. Sold Out – Don DeGrate & Strong Tower (Homeland)
  14. Triumphant – Nelons (Chapel)
  15. hayesfamily1994onepurpose150I Speak To You – Kirk Talley (Sonlite)
  16. Bridge The Gap – New Journey (Canaan)
  17. Come To The Fountain – Anchormen (Sonlite)
  18. Raise The Roof – Cathedrals (Canaan)
  19. One Purpose – Hayes Family (Custom)
  20. Stirrin’ It Up – Steeles (Daywind)

Listen to a mash-up of music from the twenty best albums released in 1994.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Definitive Southern Gospel Collection – 1994

  1. I’m surprised and glad you included the Hayes’ One Purpose–best of their career IMO. Although the Nelons are a personal favorite, I consider Triumphant their worst recording ever.
    This is off topic, but I’m surprised no one has mentioned Justin Rivers’ appearance on The Voice. And I don’t recall anyone noticing Brian Alvey is no longer with the Talleys due to his other career per their enewsletter.

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