Most Influential – #29 – Brian Free & Assurance

BFAAnother current quartet has created enough influence to find a home among the most influential artists in Southern Gospel music.  Ranked #29 among the most influential artists is Brian Free and Assurance.

After garnering acclaim as tenor for Gold City, Brian Free set out on his own and formed Assurance in 1993.  The group started as a trio before eventually becoming a quartet.

Brian Free and Assurance are masters at progressive Southern Gospel quartet music.


  • bfa2010Brian Free in one of the most awarded tenors in Southern Gospel history.  His influence alone gave Assurance immediate name recognition among Southern Gospel listeners.
  • Assurance’s progressive Southern Gospel style can be heard in newer quartets like Canton Junction and Union Street.  Mixed group the Crist Family and male trio Beyond The Ashes also have that progressive Southern Gospel style that serves Brian Free and Assurance so well.
  • Hit Songs:  “Calvary’s Cry”, “Die Another Day”, “For God So Loved”, “Greater Still”, “Healed”, “He Thought Of Me”, “I Am Redeemed”, “I Believe”, “I Believe God”, “I Want To Be That Man”, “If It Takes A Valley”, “It’s All About The Blood”, “Its Still My Father’s World”, “Jesus Came Out Alive”, “Long As I Got King Jesus”, “Lovin’ This Livin’ For The Lord”, “Mary Knew”, “My Answer Is Yes”, “Never Walk Alone”, “Part Where You Come In”, “Praying Man”, “Real Faith”, “So Close To Home”, “Stand Up For What I Stand For”, “There’ll Come A Day”, “Who Is This King” and “You Must Have Met Him”.
  • Best Album:  Never Walk Alone (2010)

Here is a YouTube clip, published by GospelSouthern, of Brian Free & Assurance singing “I Believe”; progressive Southern Gospel quartet music at its best.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Most Influential – #29 – Brian Free & Assurance

  1. Great article. These guys have gotten better and better over time. I’ve listened to them since Brian first started the group in the mid-90’s. My personal belief is the influence of groups like Brians will open the door to even wider to a younger members. They are great respectors of the traditional southern gospel but some things do change. This is one of the groups to help introduce our music to more people.

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