The Definitive Southern Gospel Collection – 1976

hinsons1976liveandonstagemaxIt has been two months since I brought the definitive Southern Gospel collection feature.  This feature takes a look at the twenty best albums released in Southern Gospel by year.  This post takes a look at the year 1976.

The Inspirations were dominating Southern Gospel music during this era.  They won favorite group and song of the year at the Singing News fan awards for “Jesus Is Mine”.  The Hinsons also garnered a few awards in 1976 with Kenny winning lead singer and Chris (Hawkins) Freeman winning female vocalist.

kingsmen1976itmadenews250On the Dove Awards front, “Statue Of Liberty” (Neil Enloe) won song of the year while the Speer Family’s Between The Cross And Heaven picked up album of the year.  The Oak Ridge Boys also walked away with a Grammy award for best Gospel performance for “Where The Soul Never Dies”.  1976 also had some of the longest album titles in Southern Gospel music.

The twenty best albums released in 1976 are:

  1. From Out Of The West They Came, Live And On Stage – Hinsons (Calvary)
  2. Old Fashioned, Down Home, Hand Clappin’, Foot Stompin’, Southern Style, Gospel Quartet Music – Oak Ridge Boys (Columbia)
  3. It Made News In Heaven – Kingsmen (Canaan)
  4. He Loves You – Florida Boys (Canaan)
  5. 99 44/100% Goodmans – Happy Goodmans (Canaan)
  6. The Son Is Shining – Rambos (Heart Warming)inspirations1976anniversaryalbum150
  7. Easy On The Ears And Heavy On The Heart – Cathedrals (Canaan)
  8. Spiritfest – Downings (Impact)
  9. Learning To Lean – Blackwood Brothers (Skylite)
  10. 12th Anniversary Album Live – Inspirations (Canaan)
  11. Between The Cross And Heaven – Speers (Heart Warming)
  12. Refreshing – Dixie Melody Boys (QCA)
  13. Just In Time – Kingsmen (Canaan)
  14. Stand By Me – Senators with Jim Hamill (Supreme)
  15. Just Because – Imperials (Impact)galileans1976inconcert150
  16. A Night Of Inspiration Live – Inspirations (Canaan)
  17. Get On Board – Dixie Echoes (Supreme)
  18. We’re Not Getting Older, Just Closer To Home – Wendy Bagwell & Sunliters (Canaan)
  19. In Concert – Galileans (Calvary)
  20. Higher – Hopper Brothers & Connie (QCA)

Listen to a mash-up of music from Southern Gospel’s twenty best albums released in 1976.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The Definitive Southern Gospel Collection – 1976

  1. I was glad to see #2. I wondered if it would make your list. Yes, I imagine DBM isn’t surprised by that. 🙂 Refresh my memory, are these in order from best on down?

  2. If radio had that kind of programming I would listen to Gospel Radio again ! Not one song or artist sound like the other one ! Every Artist had there own thing going !

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