Name That Blog Contest

winThe day has arrived.  The mega-blog merger has occurred.  We’ll be camping out here at Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row until a new blog name has been chosen.

That is where you, the readers, come in.  We need your help in naming the new mega-blog.  In the comments section give your suggestion for a new blog name.  The contest will run for one week (cut off for entries will be 8am Friday March 22nd, 2013).

After all entries are received, the five of us will determine a winner.  Be sure to be as creative as possible.  The individual with the winning entry will win a free Southern Gospel CD of their choice.  Have fun!

52 thoughts on “Name That Blog Contest

  1. 1) SGABlog – Southern Gospel Alliance Blog
    2) SGM – Southern Gospel Media Blog
    3) 4 Southern Gospel – for merging 4 blogs.

  2. There are several variations on this title, but none seem quite so appropriate as the original:

    Southern Gospel Views From The Back Row

  3. Hey Guys! If you’re going to combine, you need to include some video interviews. Since David is my Minister of Music, I will be glad to shoot interviews, and David Bruce Murray can post them.

  4. How about
    Southern Gospel League, or
    Southern Gospel Press, or
    Everything Southern Gospel, or
    Southern Gospel Backstage Pass (I highly recommend this one), or
    Southern Gospel Center Stage, or
    Four Part Blog Harmony (now admit it, that’s a good one :-D)

    1. Whatever you do, remember shorter is better. A long URL is a pain to deal with. Buy a URL and get rid of the xyz.wordpress or xyz.blogspot, etc. Make it short, sweet, and easy to access.

  5. Music2Turn2
    American Gospel Music
    Good Ole Gospel Singin’ which is the name of my 30 year old radio program, ( looks available), taken from old Young Deacons album
    Grace Notes
    Front Porch Singing
    Judgement Day Refreshment Committee
    Message Music
    Joyful Noise
    One Musical Journey
    His Music

  6. The Southern Gospel Five (or another variation)
    SoGo-365 (or, again, another variation)
    Views from the Pews – maybe stylize an “s” as a “5” (View5 from the Pews)

  7. For a moment I thought it was four bloggers and not five, so I resign the Four Part Blog Harmony suggestion, I turned red with embarrassment when I realised the sillyness of it (and it takes a lot of embarrassment to turn my skin red :-D).

    In it’s place I suggest
    Southern Gospel Heralds

  8. Old Fashioned, Back Row, Blog Combining, Post making, Southern Style Gospel Music Blog 😉

    I am pretty sure Kyle will get this and David and Steve might as well. 🙂

      1. I can’t say for sure it is my favorite (although it could be), but yeah. When I saw some of the titles here, I was reminded of that long title on it. 🙂

  9. I’ll have to go with…

    The Gospel Story, or
    Gospel Scribe, or
    Gospel Informer, or
    Southern Gospel Gazette.

  10. This isn’t a name suggestion, but a question and recommendation. If you are going to be able to import the archives from the other sites, I hope it is possible (and does happen) that they are tagged / categorized at least by the previous blog’s name and possibly further by topic / author etc. That would make finding a previous one you were aware of, or ones you hadn’t read yet possible.

    1. Any archives we import will retain the original author’s name and article titles.

      I suspect we will merge some categories that are nearly identical. I have a category called CD Reviews, while Steve has used Album Reviews, for example. We’ll probably put those together for the sake of consistency.

      Categorizing imported articles with the original blog name is a good suggestion. I’ll look into how complicated it would be to add another category to all exported posts.

  11. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I see several strong possibilities.

    Keep ’em coming!

    Now that we have a nice lengthy list, pick out your favorite two or three and leave another comment to let us know. The final decision will be up to the five of us, but I’d sure like to see if the potential names that have stood out for me so far have any sympathetic vibrations with you, our readers.

    (Of course, only the person who made the original suggestion gets the free CD.)

  12. Southern Gospel Impact, – are my favorites because it is given by different views and reviews on SG music. Not only is the music influencing you but you are influencing the music. Giving the opinions to keep the genre alive

  13. Here are a few suggestions:

    Southern Gospel News Now
    The Southern Gospel Journal
    The Southern Gospel Courier
    The Connection
    Southern Gospel ViewPoint
    Southern Gospel Daily
    Southern Gospel News First

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