Most Influential – #31 – Heaven Bound

heavenbound1981piconeIt is hard to believe we are already ten weeks in to the most influential series.  This week is the artist I rank #31 among Southern Gospel’s most influential artists; Heaven Bound.

Heaven Bound started their recording career in 1975.  It would be some six short years later that Heaven Bound would become a household name with the release of their signature song; “Canaanland Is Just In Sight”.  The song would go on to win song of the year honors and is now a Southern Gospel music classic.

Heaven Bound were the dominant trio in Southern Gospel music in the 1980’s.  They were masters of the song encore.


  • heavenbound1986Member Jeff Gibson was the in-house songwriter for the group.  Not only did he pen “Canaanland Is Just In Sight”, but many other hit songs the group would record through their history.
  • Heaven Bound was the first all male trio to be such a major force in Southern Gospel music.  The influence they had in the 1980’s was only a catalyst for all the successful male trios to come after.  Even though the group ended their career as a quartet, it was their trio years that landed them in this list.
  • That influence would only help the male trios that did come directly after:  Brian Free & Assurance (started as a trio), Bishops, Booth Brothers, Greater Vision and Poet Voices.
  • Hit Songs:  “A Different Way”, “Can The World See Jesus In You”, “Canaanland Is Just In Sight”, “Enter In”, “He Can Say Peace”, “He’s Still Alive”, “I Am With Thee”, “I Feel His Promise”, “I Know My God Can Do It”, “I Think I’ll Go Back To The Table”, “I’m Going To A City”, “It’s The King”, “Keep On Sailing”, “Looking For The Lights Of That City”, “Oh What A City”, “Old Fashioned Way”, “Sweet Is Thy Spirit”, “Through The Blood”, “Today”, “Victory’s Already Been Won”, “We Are Those Children” and “When Jesus Passed By”.
  • Best Album:  Revived (1986)

Here is a YouTube clip I found of Heaven Bound from 1987 performing “A Different Way”.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Most Influential – #31 – Heaven Bound

  1. Sure do miss these guys. I didn’t appreciate it as I should have at the time, but wow what these guys could do with 3 voices a piano, bass and drums.

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