Most Influential – #34 – Greenes

GreenesThe most influential series continues this week with the artist I rank #34 among Southern Gospel’s most influential artists; the Greenes.

The Greenes started as a mixed family trio in 1979 and had their first album out by 1980.  Siblings Tim, Kim and Tony Greene with father Everette at the piano began wowing Southern Gospel concert crowds by the mid 1980’s.

The group’s rise to prominence was fairly short for the time period in which it could take groups a decade or more to become recognized.  The impact Kim (Greene) Hopper has had on Southern Gospel music since her start with her family has been immeasurable and a strong reason for the Greenes to make this list.


  • greenes1989tenthanniversary250In addition to Kim’s success, the Greenes have fostered the success of three other female vocalists (Amy Lambert, Milena Parks and Taranda Greene).
  • Kim Greene’s success as a power house vocalist was instrumental in the Hoppers creating a sound that has lasted over twenty years and gave the group their biggest and most successful years in Southern Gospel music.  Kim has been named favorite soprano vocalist an unprecedented 16 times and favorite female vocalist 11 times.  There is no doubt she has already cemented herself as one of the greatest female vocalists ever in Southern Gospel music.  No doubt a future hall of famer.
  • Too see the Greenes in concert during their prime was an experience you didn’t forget.  In addition to Kim, Tony Greene was one of the best emcees in Southern Gospel music, even during his younger years he knew how to read a crowd and react accordingly.  Tim brought the group many great songs with his songwriting talents, including one of Southern Gospel’s all time best; “When I Knelt, The Blood Fell”.
  • Hit Songs:  “Blood Covered It All”, “The Church Is Going Higher”, “Garment Of The Savior”, “Glorious City Of God”, “Gloryland”, “He’s Still Alive”, “His Blood No Longer Leaves A Stain”, “Hold On”, “If You’ll Move Over”, “In The Twinkling Of An Eye”, “It Sure Sounds Like Angels To Me”, “Jesus’ Rocking Chair”, “Let The Waters Pour”, “Living In The Middle Of Love”, “Miracle In Me”, “More Precious Than Gold”, “Never Crucify Him Again”, “Restless Hearts”, “Ride On The Clouds”, “When God Calls My Name”, “When God Has Another Plan”, “When He Sees Me”, “When I Knelt, The Blood Fell” and “Without The Cross”.
  • Best Album:  10th Anniversary Live! (1989)

This week, enjoy several YouTube clips featuring the Greenes at various times in their career.  First is a performance of one of my all time favorite Greene performances featuring Kim (“More Precious Than Gold”).  Also have “Garment Of The Savior” (with Amy Lambert), “Blood Covered It All” (with Milena Parks) and “When I Knelt, The Blood Fell” (featuring Taranda Greene).  Enjoy!


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