Smack Down!! – Hoppers – Round 1

This week’s artist album smack down finds the first match up for the Hoppers.  Listen to sound bytes of each recording and then vote for the album you think should win.

  • hoppers1997foreversettledmaxAlbum – Forever Settled
  • Release Year – 1997
  • Vocal Line Up – Dean Hopper (lead), Kim Hopper (soprano), Connie Hopper (Alto), Claude Hopper (baritone), Shannon Childress (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “When We Get Home” (2) “It’s Called Calvary” (3) “There’s Something Going On” (4) “Once For All” (5) “I’m Building This House On The Rock” (6) “Forever Settled” (7) “The Cross Now Is Empty” (8) “Shouting Time” (9) “This Ship Will Sail” (10) “Look The Other Way” (11) “What You Talk On Sunday” (12) “Midnight Train To Jordan”


  • hoppers1993onemoretimemaxAlbum – One More Time
  • Release Year – 1993
  • Vocal Line Up – Dean Hopper (lead), Kim Hopper (soprano), Connie Hopper (Alto), Claude Hopper (baritone), Shannon Childress (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “The King’s Highway” (2) “I Will Praise Him” (3) “He’s Worthy” (4) “Fan The Flame” (5) “No Time At All” (6) “One More Time” (7) “I’m Looking Forward” (8) “Sunday School” (9) “From Disgrace To His Grace” (10) “Cry Of His Child”

4 thoughts on “Smack Down!! – Hoppers – Round 1

  1. I have to vote for One More TIme. I love “The King’s Highway”,”Cry Of His CHild”, “One More TIme” and my favorite “From Disgrace To His Grace” The songs are strong choices and the album flows better than FOrever Settled.

  2. Gosh Steve! This one is hard! Let’s see “One More Time” had a few great songs. However. “Forever Settled” was an absolute turning point in the Hoppers career that would forever change the ministry, something that even to this day is still evident. However, in my opinion even without “Shoutin’ Time” the song selection on “Forever Settled” is so strong it would STILL have been an amazing album. “Forever Settled” started paving the road toward musical excellence which led us to ‘Power’ ‘and then Great Day’ and finally ‘The Ride’. – I suppose you could call “Forever Settled” the catalyst for the Hoppers superstardom because without “Forever Settled” there wouldn’t have been that one day in Atlanta, Georgia… 😉

  3. Can’t believe you’d put any album up against the disc with Shoutin’ Time on it! No other recording stands chance with fans. This is a very close call. Though the quality is better with Forever Settled, I voted for One More Time mostly because of Cry Of His Child, one of their best songs ever. Though I love it, I believe the influx of fans after Shoutin’ Time and therefore capital to put more into their recordings (enter Lari Goss, of whom I’m a huge fan) signaled a loss in creativity from the Hoppers themselves that we don’t see again until a glimmer of with Count Me In.
    I’d be interested in seeing how votes would go between something like Heavenly Sunrise and Power.

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