Most Influential – #36 – McKameys

McKameysThe most influential series continues this week with the artist I rank #36 among Southern Gospel’s most influential artists; the McKameys.

Many may argue the point that the McKameys have influenced Southern Gospel music with their specific sound/style and stage presentation.  One can’t overlook the fact the McKameys have more #1 songs (per Singing News) than any other artist in Southern Gospel music.  These are #1 songs that date back to 1984.

I credit the McKameys for what I call the ‘high energy’ era of Southern Gospel music.  This era occurred between the years 1988 and 1993 and saw an influx of artists who made stage presentation everything in terms of their performances.


  • mckameys1993withhispowermaxPeg McKamey Bean’s stage persona, which rose to prominence in the 1980’s, was unseen up to this point in Southern Gospel music, at least at major concert events.
  • This made it easier for groups of the ‘high energy’ era to find greater acceptance among a larger Southern Gospel audience.  Artists I consider breaking through during the ‘high energy’ era that incorporated similar stage performances included:  Cedar Ridge, Conrad Cook & Calvary Echoes, Freemans, Charles Johnson & Revivers, McFalls, McGruders, Perry Sisters, Perrys, Reinhardts, Roy Knight Singers and Wilburns.
  • The McKameys influence can even been seen in current artists such as:  Browders, Dunaways, Heirline, Murray Family and Barry Rowland & Deliverance.
  • Hit Songs:  “A Trophy Of Grace”, “A Wall Of Prayer”, “Anytime”, “Arise”, “The Bride Coming In”, “Bring Me Out Of The Desert”, “Do You Know How It Feels”, “Getting Used To The Dark”, “God On The Mountain”, “God Will Make This Trial A Blessing”, “He Calms Me”, “How Deep Is The Sea”, “I Am Home”, “I Keep Praying”, “I Made It By Grace”, “I Will Trust You Lord”, “I’m Going Through Jesus”, “I’ve Made Up My Mind”, “I’ve Won”, “No More Sea”, “Old Love Letter”, “Right On Time”, “Rising Of The Son”, “Roll That Burden On Me”, “Shepherd’s Point Of View”, “Tarry Here”, “Under His Feet”, “Unspoken Request”, “Victory Is Sweet”, “Vision Of Heaven” and “Who Put The Tears”.
  • Best Album:  With His Power (1993)

Here is a YouTube clip, published by herecalico, of the McKameys performing one of their biggest concert songs of the 1980’s; “Vision Of Heaven”.  Enjoy!


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