Ten On Ten – Ruppes

ruppes1995throughthefire150The ten on ten feature continues this week, highlighting the recording career of the Ruppes.  Sisters is one of the best vocal groups touring the Southern Gospel circuit in 2013.  All three members of Sisters (all siblings) got their start singing with mother Brenda Ruppe as part of the female trio, the Ruppes.

The trio recorded their first album in 1975 and ended up with 15 albums by the time they recorded their final album as the Ruppes in 2005.

ruppes1997seasons150The Ruppes ten best albums are as follows:

  1. Through The Fire (1995)
  2. Seasons (1997)
  3. Born To Serve (2001)
  4. Sweet Forever (2005)
  5. Harbor Of Hope (1999)
  6. Something In The Air (2004)
  7. Until He Comes (1992)
  8. Free (2002)
  9. Up There Somewhere (1993)
  10. Put That On My Account (1986)
  • The pinnacle in the Ruppes discography is their 1995 album, Through The Fire.  This was the album that launched the Ruppes career and made them a household name in Southern Gospel music.  Their break through mega-song, “Under His Wings” is found on Through The Fire.ruppes2005sweetforever150
  • “Under His Wings” went on to be nominated song of the year at the Singing News fan awards in 1997 and their performance of the song on the awards show was one of the best NQC performances of the last 20 years.  The album also contained “Cross By The Cross”, “The Father’s Compassion”, “Follow The Leader”, “He’s Not Here” and “We’re Gonna Rise”.
  • The Ruppes 1997 album, Seasons ranks #2 among the group’s ten best.  This album contained the group’s first #1 song, “Angels In The Room”.  The Ruppes became the first all female group to garner a #1 song on the Singing News chart.
  • The album also gave the listener “Bless The Lord”, “Come Sweet Anointing”, “Light From Heaven”, “Redemption Complete”, “We Shall Behold Him” and “When Jesus Speaks Peace”.
  • The Ruppes spent their biggest years in Southern Gospel music with SpringHill Records.  Six of the group’s ten best were recorded with SpringHill.
  • If you can find a copy, the real gem in the Ruppes discography is their 1992 album, Until He Comes.  This recording was my first introduction to the Ruppes, anchored by the song “Thorns Crowned The Rose”.  This song still remains one of my favorite Ruppe songs.
  • The oldest Ruppe album to make the list of ten is the 1986 recording, Put That On My Account.  The album contains some great covers of “He’s On The Throne”, “Overcomer”, “Then I Met The Master”, “This One Thing I Know” and “Welcome To Heaven”.
  • In addition to the songs already listed, the Ruppes introduced the Southern Gospel listener to the following hits:  “By The Way Of The Cross”, “Do You Love Me”, “The Healer”, “Hope Is Alive”, “Jesus You Are Him”, “Lord It Hurts”, “Made By Mercy”, “My Wants Been Changed”, “Singing In The Rain”, “Some Things Never Change”, “Up There Somewhere” and “The Victory’s In The Shout”.ruppes1992untilhecomes150
  • The Ruppes are one of only a handful of all female groups to have success in Southern Gospel music.  They join groups such as Heirloom, Johnson Sisters, McRaes, Perry Sisters, Red Roots and Sisters.
  • It is nice to see the Ruppe legacy continue with Heather, Kim and Valerie (Sisters).



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