VOTE – Best Southern Gospel Album Cover

Last week, the Rebels Quartet was given the dubious honor of having the worst Southern Gospel album cover for their 1961 album What Then.  This week will allow you to vote on the album you consider the best Southern Gospel album cover.  These were the eight highest ranked covers.  I have provided thumbnails (click for larger image).


Driven – Crabb Family (2004)


A Tribute To Mosie Lister – Dove Brothers Quartet (2004)


Places To Go, People To See – Hoskins Family (2003)


Pure Vintage – Inspirations (2001)


London – Legacy Five (2003)


I Love To Tell The Story – Mark Lowry (2007)


Simplicity Too – Old Paths (2011)


Here We Are Again – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (2012)


10 thoughts on “VOTE – Best Southern Gospel Album Cover

  1. I think these all had merit, but I voted for the Hoskins. I like the color used and the cover does a good job of conveying the title. I also see that YGG has been here already. 😉 (Maybe not. I saw EHSS got a vote, but if she had, I figure she might have commented. LOL). Okay, I have picked on her enough today.

    1. LOL, no I slept like a log ’til 11:00 this morning and only just woke up. 🙂

      I had this nagging feeling that some of my favorites didn’t make it onto this list, for some reason. I know I ranked some at #1 that didn’t make this cut. Anyway, I voted for London. 🙂

  2. It doesnt make much sense that The Hemphills (in a soda shop) was voted all time worst and
    The Inspirations (in a soda shop) all time best? Hmmm….

    1. That is simply a result of only a handful of individuals participating in the initial ranking rounds. It would have been nice to have a larger set of individuals participate.

    2. I don’t recall seeing the Hemphills cover on its initial set of covers. With that said, although Candy is easier on the eyes than any of the Inspirations :), I think the Inspirations is a better done cover in some ways and bear in mind that the title of the Inspos is “Vintage Gospel” where the vintage theme makes a lot more sense than the Hemphills. I would think there were several other places they could have been pictured that would complement the theme better.

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