Most Influential – #37 – Legacy Five

L5The most influential series marches on this week with the artist I rank #37 among Southern Gospel’s most influential artists; Legacy Five.

Born, as a result of the retirement of the Cathedrals, Legacy Five began touring in 2000.  Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler (both Cathedral members) started Legacy Five.

Roger Bennett had the biggest influence on the sound of Legacy Five until his untimely passing in 2007.  The mark he left in Southern Gospel music is still felt and is the reason Legacy Five made the list.


  • legacyfive2003londonRoger Bennett not only made his presence known through his piano work, but he was also a strong emcee for the group.  He knew when to mingle humor with words of wisdom.
  • Roger Bennett’s class at the piano bench can be heard in the younger talent of today:  Bryan Elliot (Gold City), Michael Howard (Soul’d Out Qt), Trey Ivey (Legacy Five), Josh Simpson (Hoppers) and Andy Stringfield (Kingdom Heirs).
  • Hit Songs:  “Ask  Me Why”, “Freedom”, “He Forgets”, “Hello After Goodbye”, “Heroes Of The Faith”, “I Found Grace”, “I Stand Redeemed”, “I’ve Been Changed”, “Out Of My Darkness” and “Somebody Sing”.
  • Best Album:  London (2003)

Here is a YouTube clip of Legacy Five, featuring Roger Bennett on “We Are Home”.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Most Influential – #37 – Legacy Five

  1. Great article.

    Their best album, IMHO, is Heroes of the Faith. In terms of song selection and production quality, they have come close but not topped that album. Their vocal lineup now is the best it has been since that time, having been revitalized by Matt Fouch. I’d love to see them start adding more and more songs from this album back into their program, but they have the potential to record another project of that caliber.

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