VOTE – Worst Southern Gospel Album Cover

Now that we have exhausted ranking the best and worst Southern Gospel album covers of all time, this week and next will allow you to vote on the best and worst.  I took the top eight and bottom eight (by rank) for the voting rounds.  This week, please vote on the one album cover you consider to be the worst.  I have provided the covers again (click on thumbnail).


His Hands – Blackwood Brothers Quartet (1958)


Paradise Island – Blackwood Brothers Quartet (1959)


Born Again Children – Galileans (1975)


Fields Of Greene – Greenes (1994)


Excited – Hemphills (1985)


Our Inspiration – Inspirations (1971)


Gospel Gold – Oak Ridge Boys (1974)


What Then – Rebels Quartet (1961)

8 thoughts on “VOTE – Worst Southern Gospel Album Cover

  1. That was a really tough choice between the needlepoint/photo combo of the Galileans and the mushroom cloud of the Rebels, but I ended up voting for the Galileans.

    The Hemphills cover looks way too good to be here. It must have been from one of those batches where almost all of the covers were good.

  2. I have always liked the cover of Gospel Gold by the ORBs and Paradise Island by the BWBs. Those of us who were around at the time the Rebels did What Then can appreciate the use of the mushroom cloud as we were told we faced the possibility of worldwide nuclear destruction due to the number and size of the weapons the US and the USSR had aimed and ready to fire at each other at moment’s notice.
    Worst? Almost a tie among all the rest, but the Greens win my vote.

  3. The Hemphills cover should definitely not be in this group. It’s a pretty good cover IMO and probably pretty hip for it’s day.
    I remember that Greenes cover looking nasty even when it was new. I think they did 2 different covers for it. Not sure if this was the worst of the 2. Looks like a 6 year old designed it. No offense to 6 year olds.
    I’m thinking the Inspirations cover was probably pretty hip for that era. Likely the coolest cover they’ve ever done!

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