SWOT Analysis – Crist Family

Crist FamilyThis week finds another SWOT analysis feature.  Working in the business world, the SWOT analysis is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an organization while also looking at opportunities and threats the organization could face.

This SWOT analysis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the Crist Family.  The group relocated from the west coast (Washington) in 2004 to make a go of it in Southern Gospel music.  Since that time they have had several hit songs.

The group also picked up horizon group of the year honors in 2009 at the Singing News fan awards.


  • Versatility:  Being a six member vocal group sets the Crist Family apart from all other vocal configurations in Southern Gospel music.  This allows them versatility in singing as a group or creating smaller vocal units.
  • Ensemble Work:  The Crist Family is also a testament to the ‘sum is greater than the individual parts’ motto.  The strength of the group’s sound is heard most when they are all singing together as a unit.
  • Tami Starkel:  Tami is one of the strongest performers in the Crist Family.  She has a stage presence when performing that draws the listener in.  She is a great asset to the group.
  • Radio Single Choices:  The Crist Family (along with record label Crossroads Music) have made good radio single choices.  The last several to feature Jackie have been the strongest of the group’s career thus far (see “I Love Lovin’ Jesus”, “My Heart Knows” and “Voice Of The Father”).


  • Ensemble Work:  While ensemble work is a strength for the Crist Family, it is also a weakness in that there is no stand out vocalist among the six.
  • Loss Of Bass Singer:  Being a Southern Gospel artist, it was tough when the Crist Family lost their bass singer.  He added that extra punch to give the Crist Family their Southern Gospel identity.


  • Another Bass Singer:  Maybe Rich or John should consider singing bass to add that little extra Southern Gospel element to their music.
  • Revive Go Out To The Program:  The Oak Ridge Boys and later the Kingsboys performed a song “Go Out To The Program” to mimic different artists of their era.  With six members in their group, it would be great to see the Crist Family revive this tune and mimic some of the best mixed groups in Southern Gospel music history (Downings, Hoppers, Nelons, Perrys, Speer Family).


  • Irrelevance:  This is a threat for the entire Southern Gospel music industry.  Are we entering a time in the history of this genre where Southern Gospel music (or Gospel music as a whole) is becoming irrelevant in today’s society/culture?  As more and more individuals in our society leave Church, doesn’t that also translate to giving up music that centers around the Christian lifestyle?



One thought on “SWOT Analysis – Crist Family

  1. On weaknesses, I disagree a bit. They have three pretty strong singers in Rich, Tami and Jackie.

    On opportunities, I agree that having a bass part in some of their arrangements would be a nice touch, and further agree that it should be Rich or John. I don’t think they really need a seventh vocalist. It wouldn’t have to be extremely low to be effective.

    You mentioned their versatility. I’ve beat on this drum for a while now, but I still think they need to emphasize their a cappella singing more in concerts. No other group can duplicate their sound when they sing a cappella, but most of the songs they do with tracks could be just about any group. I think in some ways, their versatility is a curse more than a blessing, because their sound lacks a unique identity.

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