Album Covers To Rank – Set 20

This week brings the final set of album covers to rank.  Next week, you, the reader will vote on the best and worst Southern Gospel album covers.  In the comments section, rank each album from 1 to 6 (1 being best, 6 being worst).  Click on thumbnail for larger image.


Sittin On Cloud Nine – Jeff & Sheri Easter (1999)


Our Inspiration – Inspirations (1971)


I Love To Tell The Story, A Hymns Collection – Mark Lowry (2007)


Pilgrim Song, Volume 7 – Poet Voices (1999)


Prophets – Prophets (1962)


Life Worth Living – Whisnants (2009)


6 thoughts on “Album Covers To Rank – Set 20

  1. 1.Mark Lowry -my fav of this awful bunch.
    2.Jeff & Sheri -concept and title match but, too cheesy.
    3.Whisnants -nice pose ,too too plain.
    4.Inspirations -too bad no one was inspired to hit the light switch.
    5.poet Voices -who dropped the camara?
    6.Prophets -too cartoonish.

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