Smack Down!! – Gold City – Round 1

Another week, another album smack down.  This week finds the first match up for Gold City.  Listen to sound bytes of each recording and then vote for the album you think should win.

  • goldcity1990windowsofhomemaxAlbum – Windows Of Home
  • Release Year – 1990
  • Vocal Line Up – Brian Free (tenor), Ivan Parker (lead), Mike LeFevre (baritone), Tim Riley (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “Not Made With Hands” (2) “Windows Of Home” (3) “Nobody’s There” (4) “Love Bigger Than Heaven” (5) “Do It By The Book” (6) “The Saving Kind” (7) “God Would Be Good For You” (8) “One Scarred Hand” (9) “God’s Got Other Plans For You” (10) “He Sat Down”


  • goldcity2003walkthetalkmaxAlbum – Walk The Talk
  • Release Year – 2003
  • Vocal Line Up – Jay Parrack (tenor), Jonathan Wilburn (lead), Daniel Riley (baritone), Tim Riley (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “Somebody Sing Me A Gospel Song” (2) “That Little Baby” (3) “Calvary Conquers It All” (4) “I’m Saved, I’m Sure, I’m Ready” (5) “Walk The Talk” (6) “Then We Shall Sing” (7) “I’ll Say Thanks” (8) “I Can’t Do It Without The Lord” (9) “God Is Unwilling” (10) “God Handled It All”

10 thoughts on “Smack Down!! – Gold City – Round 1

  1. Oh, that’s a good one…but I’ll take Windows of Home. Though “God Handled It All” is one of my all-time favorite Gold City songs, Windows has more songs that I like a lot.

    By the way, I accidentally voted for Walk the Talk in the poll. So maybe you want to factor that in if it’s close in the end. Ha.

  2. Hard call. I think the original lineup is hard to beat ,but at the same time the song selection is better with the second lineup.

  3. At the time of the Windows of Home release I was not a Gold City Fan. Cannot pinpoint why. I loved the Cats, Perfect Heart and the Kingsmen during that time. I have since come to appreciate GC of that era. Windows of home became one of my favorites.

  4. This is tough because both of these are great. However, “Walk The Talk” is one of my all time favorite recordings by any artist, so I’ll go with that one.

  5. I went with Walk the Talk because overall I like the strongest songs on it better than I do the strongest ones on Windows of Home.

  6. This was tough! I went with “Walk The Talk”. Even though I believe both have a strong selection of songs, all with great messages, “Walk The Talk” has a better sound and grasp to my interests. I agree that “Windows Of Home” is an underrated GC project.

  7. Although I think “Walk The Talk” features the best lineup Gold City ever had and has two of the best songs Gold City ever recorded (God Handled It All & God Is Unwilling), I voted for “Windows Of Home.” “Windows” has always been one of my favorite recordings – it is my favorite of the Brian and Ivan era.

  8. I’m a polar opposite from DBM…”Windows of Home” is one of my favorite SG albums ever recorded. 🙂 I spent many hours listening to that CD, and I also agree it is a terribly underrated GC album.

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