Smack Down!! – Perrys – Round 1

This week brings another album smack down.  The Perrys first match up needs to be voted on this week.  Listen to sound bytes of each recording and then vote for the album you think should win.

  • Almost MorningAlbum – Almost Morning
  • Release Year – 2009
  • Vocal Line Up – Joseph Habedank (lead), Troy Peach (baritone), Libbi Stuffle (Alto), Tracy Stuffle (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “This Old Sinner Testifies” (2) “If You Knew Him” (3) “An Old Fashioned Altar” (4) “Almost Morning” (5) “I Love To Tell Of His Love” (6) “The One Who Is Unworthy” (7) “Dying Is A Day” (8) “Prior To A Prayer” (9) “You Cannot Improve On The Truth” (10) “Did I Mention”


  • Blue SkiesAlbum – Blue Skies
  • Release Year – 2011
  • Vocal Line Up – Joseph Habedank (lead), Bryan Walker (baritone), Libbi Stuffle (Alto), Tracy Stuffle (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “Blue Skies Coming” (2) “Grace Doesn’t Remember” (3) “His Love Lights The Way” (4) “Celebrate Me Home” (5) “Nothing Was Burned” (6) “Rejoice, Children, Rejoice” (7) “Sounds Good To Me” (8) “He Loves To Save” (9) “Every Time I Need Him” (10) “I Know What I’m Singing About” (11) “The End Of The Aisle”

7 thoughts on “Smack Down!! – Perrys – Round 1

  1. “Almost Morning” is my favorite album by the Perrys ever! I was a little disappointed with “Blue Skies”, but I’m not sure if it was because it wasn’t really good or because it followed their best album.

  2. Almost Morning for sure. Although I personally prefer the blend on Blue Skies Coming, Almost Morning runs at a smoother pace. There is more variety on Almost Morning.

  3. Almost Morning. Don’t get me wrong, Blue Skies has some good songs and performances, but every one on Almost Morning (except for one that isn’t my cup of tea stylistically) is a good song.

  4. Almost Morning. That is one of those rare albums where everything just seems to come together for a group to create something special. It’s the Perrys’ version of Pillars of Faith, Black and White, Symphony of Praise, etc.

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