Album Covers To Rank – Set 18

The final three sets of album covers need to be ranked.  This week I need you to rank set 18 from 1 to 6 (1 being best, 6 being worst).  Once we get through the 20 sets of album covers, the readers will vote on what they consider to be the best and worst.  Click on thumbnail for larger image.


Believe – Anchormen (2012)


Reflections – Common Bond (1997)


Mountain Heritage – Greenes (1992)


Prime – Hinsons (1979)


Children Of Azusa Street – Lanny Wolfe Trio (1986)


Live And Alive – Singing Americans (1984)


6 thoughts on “Album Covers To Rank – Set 18

  1. 1.Common Bond – Loved this one,cool concept.
    2.Hinsons – Classy!!!
    3.Anchormen – Great layout and color scheme,don’t like the name and title running sideways.
    4.Singing Americans -a little generic looking.
    5.Lanny Wolfe trio – Too drab.
    6.Greenes – Too etch-a sketch looking and plain.

  2. 1. Anchormen – Great modern cover
    2. Lanny Wolfe Trio – The fabric background is a nice detail
    3. Common Bond – They managed to work off of the reflections concept without going for an obvious mirror or lake shot.
    4. Singing Americans – Understated, and they actually look like themselves, which is often an issue with covers that feature hand-drawn art.
    5. Hinsons – I like everything except the roses
    6. Greenes – See #4. On this cover, they barely look like themselves.

  3. 1. Common Bond
    2. Greenes – I agree with the deficiencies pointed out above. However, at the same time, I have to rank it high because of the brilliance of the Mt. Rushmore concept
    3. Singing Americans – Always liked this one
    4. Hinsons – Great cover, perhaps not spectacular, but certainly well above the norm
    5. Anchormen
    6. Lanny Wolfe

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