Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

New YearsBefore we all sit and watch the ball drop tonight to ring in the new year, I thought I would use this last post of 2012 to look ahead to 2013.

I first want to say thanks again to my loyal readers who have made 2012 a great blogging year; my best yet.  Saturday, I gave you all the blogging stats of 2012.  Today I want to let you know what to look forward to on the blog in 2013.


  • SWOT Analysis – the popularity of this feature will see it continue in the new year.
  • Album Reviews – I will still be offering my insight on all new Southern Gospel album releases.  Be on the lookout for the first album review of 2013 on Thursday (01/03/13).
  • Best/Worst Album Covers – We’ll finish up voting on the best and worst Southern Gospel album cover of all time.
  • Ten On Ten (revisit) – I will finish up the ten on ten feature on several artists that have yet to be featured and then revisit current artists and see if newer album releases changed their top ten.


  • The most influential – 2013 will bring a 40 week series where I will countdown what I consider to be the 40 most influential (not most popular) artists in the history of Southern Gospel music.  Whose music has had the most impact on future Southern Gospel generations?  What current artists are shaping influence for future generations?  Find out what 40 artists make up this list, starting in January and running through 2013.
  • Smack Down expands – since the song covers smack down feature has slacked off in readership in 2012, I thought I would expand it in 2013 to include a battle of artist albums.  Since I have given my readers what I consider an artists ten best albums, I will use the smack down feature in 2013 to allow the readers to determine an artists best album.  For example the smack down may be the Booth Brothers and it may be Let It Be Known vs. The Blind Man Saw It All.  Readers will vote to determine the better album until an overall winner for each artist is determined.

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