2012 Blogging Year In Review

USAUKWith 2012 nearly in the record books, I thought I would take this time to give all my readers some blogging stats for 2012.  Wordpress gives you plenty of reader stats to look at for different periods of time, whether it be for a day, month, quarter or in this case an entire year.

I always find it interesting exactly what my readers are reading/viewing.  It allows me to adjust content and features accordingly.  So here are blogging stats (by category) for 2012.


  1. SWOT Analysis – I began the SWOT analysis feature in 2012 and it was one of the most read (popular) features of the year.  The top five read SWOT analysis features were (1) Mark Trammell Quartet (2) Gaither Vocal Band (3) Booth Brothers (4) Gold City (5) Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.
  2. Album Reviews – I am still impressed that the album reviews are one of the most read features on the blog.  I feel honored that readers value my input on new album releases.  The five most read album reviews of 2012 are (1) Pure And Simple – Gaither Vocal Band (2) Believe – Anchormen (3) It’s In The Savior’s Hands – Inspirations (4) Real Man. Real Life. Real God. – John Berry (5) Nothing But Love – Brian Free & Assurance.
  3. Ranking Album Covers – Folks enjoyed the ranking album covers feature.  This feature will continue in to 2013.
  4. 2012 NQC Recaps – Readers still want to hear what is happening at NQC.  While my NQC recaps didn’t garner as much readership as in 2011, it was still one of the five most read features of 2012.  The Friday night recap was the most read of the week.
  5. Song Hall Of Fame – The song hall of fame was another new feature I began in 2012 honoring the best songs of the genre’s history.  The most viewed was for “What A Day That Will Be”.
  6. March Madness – Readers enjoyed the Southern Gospel March madness competition I held.  I am thinking about having another in 2013.
  7. Ten On Ten – The ten on ten feature was still a favorite among readers.  The five most read ten on ten features of 2012 included one artist that was originally posted in 2011.  (1) Oak Ridge Boys (2) JD Sumner & Stamps (3) Downings (4) Cathedrals (5) Statesmen.


I was surprised to see all the countries represented as far as views on the blog.  Here were the top ten by site visit: (1) USA (2) Canada (3) United Kingdom (4) Netherlands (5) Brazil (6) Norway (7) Mexico (8) South Africa (9) Colombia (10) Argentina.


The most viewed classic video clips that I posted and was viewed in 2012 were as follows:  (1) “Enter In” – Kingsboys (2) “Go Out To The Program” – Kingsboys (3) “If It Had Not Been” – Perrys Sisters (4) “Farther Along” – Kingsboys (5) “Last Train To Glory” – Dixie Melody Boys.


The top five artist search terms used to get to the blog in 2012 were (1) Mark Lowry (2) Wilburn And Wilburn (3) Marshall Hall (4) Tim Greene Trio (5) Kingsboys.


I want to thank my other blogging friends for listing my blog on your site.  These were the top five referrers to my site in 2012. (1) XM/Sirius Enlighten Radio (2) Southern Gospel Concerts (3) Swains Musings (4) Southern Gospel Yankee (5) Facebook.

BrazilSouth Africa**Thanks for a great 2012!  It is because of you (the readers) that I want to continue with the blog.


8 thoughts on “2012 Blogging Year In Review

  1. Great stats, Steve!!! I do love reading your posts and am so impressed with the new ideas you come up with to keep the site very, very interesting, fun and informative!!

  2. You have such a deep knowledge of this genre and a huge collection to boot. You’re able to provide a constant stream of exclusively SG content, and I would say that this is one of the absolute best blogs a fan of the genre could read. Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping this blog updated for the rest of us.

    I noticed that my NQC recaps didn’t get as many hits as they did last year either (though they were still popular). Must be a trend… Oddly enough, I wrote a negative blog post about Michael Buble last year that was my 2nd most-viewed page this year, and I have NO idea where all the hits came from. Somehow people kept finding it by doing google searches. I wonder if it was really people or just bots, but it’s kind of funny.

  3. I also want to give credit to friend and fellow blogger David Bruce Murray (musicscribe) on the album review section. Four of the five most read album reviews of the year were the ‘must buy or not’ feature that David and I collaborate. So thanks David.

  4. Great stats! I just love to read your posts … as I don’t know much about Southern Gospel but love to listen to it. Thanks for all your insights and I promise to keep on reading 🙂

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