Best Of 2012 – Contest Winner, Most Played Radio Songs

wilburn2011familytiesisaacs2011whycantwe250I want to thank the 16 individuals who participated in the contest trying to guess what I would choose as the top five albums of 2012.  Of all 16 participants there was only one individual who was able to guess four out of five.  No one scored a perfect five and only one individual guessed four of five.  Congratulations to Wayne H for guessing the Perrys, Hoppers, Anchormen and LeFevre Quartet.  He wins two albums of his choice from my list of 48.

As I posted last year, I also wanted to use this post to list the 40 most played radio songs by yours truly for the year.  I listen to tons of Southern Gospel music in a year and at the start of each year I create playlists that track total number of listens of radio singles for that year to determine at year’s end what my most played songs were.  Here is the result for 2012.

  1. “Jesus Will” – Wilburn & Wilburn (Family Ties)
  2. “Waiting In The Water” – Isaacs (Why Can’t We)
  3. “Don’t Start Doubting Now” – Dunaways (It’s A God Thing)hoppers2012countmein250
  4. “Broken World” – Talleys (Love Won)
  5. “Why Can’t We” – Isaacs (Why Can’t We)
  6. “Count Me In” – Hoppers (Count Me In)
  7. “There’s No Place Too Far From Grace” – Palmetto State Quartet (Grace)
  8. “Thou Oh Lord” – Sisters (An A Cappella Collection)
  9. “I Just Wanna Go Home” – Michael Wayne Smith (The Days Ahead)
  10. “Masterpiece Of Mercy” – Booth Brothers (Let It Be Known)
  11. “Peter, James And John” – Gold City (Somebody’s Coming)Michael Wayne Smith
  12. “Ask Me Why” – Legacy Five (A Wonderful Life)
  13. “I’ll See You Again” – Lesters (Rooted In Love)
  14. “Loving Shepherd, Gracious God” – Kingsmen (Grace Says)
  15. “Kneel” – Akins (Based On A True Story)
  16. “Good Things Are Happening” – Karen Peck & New River (Reach Out)
  17. “Child, I Know The Plans” – Chris Hester & Sheri LaFontaine (Reach)
  18. “Tell The Mountain” – Collingsworth Family (Part Of The Family)
  19. “This Time Tomorrow” – Anchormen (Believe)
  20. “Every Time I Need Him” – Perrys (Blue Skies)downeastboys2011amen250
  21. “I’ve Been Here Before” – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (Here We Are Again)
  22. “I Won’t Trade My Crown” – Down East Boys (Amen)
  23. “I Don’t Have To See The Tomb” – Primitives (It’s Wonderful)
  24. “Days Like Today” – 11th Hour (Gather ‘Round)
  25. “Tell Them That I Love Them” – Martins (New Day)
  26. “I Won’t Ask For More” – Rambo McGuire (Grassroots Rambo)
  27. “Mighty Big God” – Karen Peck & New River (Reach Out)
  28. “Brighter One” – Marshall Hall (Brighter One)
  29. “Battle Stand” – Old Paths (Right Now)Marshall Hall
  30. “Almost Home” – Triumphant Quartet (Songs From The Heart)
  31. “I’ll Trust The Potters Hands” – Whisnants (More Than Enough)
  32. “Rise Up And Walk” – Murray Family (He Gives A Song)
  33. “It’s In The Savior’s Hands” – Inspirations (It’s In The Savior’s Hands)
  34. “I Know My Way” – Freemans (Evidence)
  35. “Homecoming Day” – Tribute Quartet (The Waiting Is Over)
  36. “I Enter In” – Anchormen (Believe)
  37. “The I Of The Storm” – Old Paths (Wonderful Life)
  38. “Through The Blood” – Soul’d Out Quartet (Worth Every Mile)sould out qt
  39. “Please Forgive Me” – Gaither Vocal Band (Greatly Blessed)
  40. “He Leads Me Each Step Of The Way” – Bowling Family (Shine)

2 thoughts on “Best Of 2012 – Contest Winner, Most Played Radio Songs

  1. Thanks for posting your top 20 countdown for the year. I really enjoyed it even though I didn’t win the contest! 🙂 Also, thanks for giving me a format to post my countdown. Looking forward to great things in 2013!

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