Best Of 2012 – #4

TalleysWe are ever closer to finding out the #1 album and recorded song of 2012 in Southern Gospel music.  Today lets look at the album and recorded song that ranks #4 among the best of the year.

The Talleys experienced some vocal changes in 2012 by adding vocalist Brian Alvey to the mix.  This is the first time in the group’s career they are not a mixed trio.  2012 also saw the release of the Talleys first album under this new vocal configuration; Love Won.

The group didn’t hold back providing the listener with near flawless harmonies and powerful lyrical content.  The group recorded another mega-song on Love Won with “Broken World”.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Broken World”, “Make Way For The Master”, “Love Won”, “Great Love He Gave”, “That’s Why I Love Him So”, “Up Above” and “Love Covers All”.

PerrysThe Perrys is the only artist in 2012 to have two songs in the top ten among the best recorded songs of the year.  Both songs come from the group’s 2012 album, Through The Night.

The Perrys are known for recording and releasing as a single one big power ballad from each album (see “Calvary Answers For Me”, “He Will Hide Me”, “Holy Shore”, “I Rest My Case At The Cross” and “If You Knew Him”).  The stand out track on Through The Night is not that type of song.

“Whosoever Will” (penned by Joseph Habedank, Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey) is simply a powerful lyric, not over sung/over produced but sung with precision by Habedank.  It was this kind of song selection choice by the Perrys on Through The Night that made that album stand out to me.  Listen to a clip of the #4 recorded song of 2012; “Whosoever Will”.

We close out another week tomorrow with #3.


One thought on “Best Of 2012 – #4

  1. The Mark Trammell Quartet comes in at number 4 on my top 20 countdown with their album “Lifetime”. I would not usually rate an album with only one new song this high, but when the covers are as good (and in several cases better) than the original recordings I can make an exception. Mark Trammell is one of my all time favorite vocalists, and this album really lets him shine. Couple the fantastic vocal work with epic arrangments by Lari Goss, and you certainly have a winning combination. It is very difficult to select a favorite song from this CD because every song is great in its own way. “Wonderful Time Up There” and “Way Past Ready” are favorites from the fast catagory, while “Golden City Tour” and “The King is Coming” are powerful anthems. However, I think my favorite is “Too Much To Gain To Lose”. This is simply the best performance of this great song that I have ever heard. I said after MTQ released “Testimony” that I felt they could do better. This CD is better, but the great thing is with this vocal lineup I think they can improve even more. I’m already looking forward to their next recording!

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