Best Of 2012 – #5

lefevre-quartetThe countdown has reached the top five.  For all those that entered the contest of predicting the top five, now is your chance to find out how well you did.  What is #5 among the best Southern Gospel album and recorded songs of 2012?  Let’s find out.

I mentioned when I listed their song, “Put It Right There” as one of the twenty best recorded songs of 2012 that the LeFevre Quartet had a great year.  The result of that is the album that lands at #5 for the year; But For The Cross.  Hands down, this the best recording of the LeFevre Quartet’s recording career.

But For The Cross features Harold Reed (tenor) singing better than ever, Jordan LeFevre (lead) maturing as a strong lead vocalist, Mike LeFevre (baritone) proving he’s still got it and Paul Harkey (former bass singer) showing he is one of the best young bass singers in Southern Gospel music.  There is no reason every Southern Gospel listener should not have each of the top five albums in their collections.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Put It Right There”, “But For The Cross”, “Come And See”, “We Are The Church”, “The Blessed Hope”, “Saved By The Blood” and “I’m So Saved”.

Tribute QtAnother quartet that has had a great 2012 is the Tribute Quartet.  I have already named their 2012 release, Our Anthem, one of the top twenty albums released this year.

That album was filled with several strong selections that could have made the recorded song list.  When the dust settled, I chose “The Song Of Heaven” as the best song from the recording and #5 among the best recorded songs of 2012.  The Tribute Quartet has been in search of that mega-song and “The Song Of Heaven” may be just what the doctor ordered.

Penned by Barbara Huffman, “The Song Of Heaven” is a traditional Southern Gospel power ballad.  It allows tenor Riley Clark to show off on the second verse.  Listen to a clip of the #5 recorded song of 2012.

Tomorrow: #4.

2 thoughts on “Best Of 2012 – #5

  1. Kicking off my top 5 for 2012 is “Nothing But Love” by Brian Free and Assurance. This group has become one of my favorites quartets over the last several years, and their last 2 mainline releases (“Never Walk Alone” and “Worth It”) were my favorite albums in the years that they were released. While this CD does not quite measure up to those two, it is still a very good album. Assurance continues to offer fans of a more progressive style the opportunity to hear great harmony and powerful lyrics. My favorite songs include: “Nothing But Love”, “It’s Quite a Valley”, “I Will Be Praying”, “I Want To Be That Man” and “Revival”.

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