Best Of 2012 – #6

AkinsThe best of 2012 countdown is getting ever closer to #1.  Today we take a look at the Southern Gospel album and recorded song ranked #6 for the year.

Akins is one of the best artists touring in Southern Gospel music right now, that a majority of Southern Gospel listeners are still not familiar.  A band that uses live music and offers the listener ‘where you live’ type lyrics with a great country sound.

In 2012, Akins released another in a string of great albums; Based On A True Story.  This reviewer listens to country music outside of my Southern Gospel and Based On A True Story offers country music with strong Christian/family lyrics.  As a result the album ranks #6 among the best Southern Gospel albums released in 2012.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “He Is I Am”, “Big God”, “Kneel”, “The Ride Home”, “Based On A True Story”, “Too Far Gone” and “Look Out The Window”.

GVBThe Gaither Vocal Band’s Pure And Simple ranked #7 among the best Southern Gospel albums as listed yesterday.  One of the stand out tracks from that album finds a home at #6 among the best recorded songs of the year.

Bill Gaither has a way of finding old songs and recording them and making them sound brand new.  Such is the case with the song at #6 for the year, “Glorious Freedom”.  David Phelps takes the lead on this song that has become a power house concert closer for the group.

This classic was penned by Alfred Judson and Haldor Lilenas.  A song that has much more impact in the live concert setting but great nonetheless.  Listen to a clip of the #6 recorded song of 2012; “Glorious Freedom”.

The top five tomorrow with #5.


4 thoughts on “Best Of 2012 – #6

  1. Agree about “Glorious Freedom”. Heard it for the first time at NQC (they did it in three different concerts) and it was phenomenal. The studio cut, while still very good, doesn’t have the same punch.

  2. In your contest I guessed that the Akins CD would be in your top 5, so I barely missed this one!
    I’m a little behind in my countdown because I have been so busy, but I’m hoping to get caught up over the next 2 days.

    My 6th favorite album of 2012 is “Here We Are Again” by Signature Sound. When I first heard to this CD I was not sure I liked it, but with repeated listens it moved way up on my list. That is the advantage of an album releasing early in the year. I’m sure there are recordings that released later in the year that will eventually move up on my list of favorites as I bond with them. In my opinion, “Here We Are Again” has something for every just about every type of Southern Gospel fan. If you enjoy a progressive sound listen to “Every Time” and “Any other Man”. Fans of power anthems will prefer “Love Carried the Cross” and “I’ve Been Here Before”. For a smooth, reflective sound listen to “You Are Welcome Here”, “Sometimes I Wonder” and “Thankful To You”. For straight ahead quartet singing try “Singing In the Midnight Hour” and “Here We Are Again”. My two favorite songs from this great album are “You Are Welcome Here” and “Any Other Man”. These songs offer two very different styles, so I guess that proves the diversity of my music tastes. I know EHSS has been a controversial group in the ranks of southern gospel, but I have been a fan since the beginning and look forward to more great music from these guys.

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