Best Of 2012 – #12

Tribute QtWe’re nearly half way through the best of 2012 countdown.  Today finds the album and recorded song ranked 12th among the best in Southern Gospel music for the year.

Tribute Quartet released a career record in 2012 with Our Anthem.  The current vocal line-up that made up this recording include Riley Clark (tenor), Gary Casto (lead), Josh Singletary (baritone) and Anthony Davis (bass).  Of the half dozen recordings in the group’s discography this is the best.

Roger Talley was in the producing chair for Our Anthem.  Traditional Southern Gospel quartet music with a slight progressive touch is what the listener gets with the #12 album of 2012.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “The Song Of Heaven”, “Good News From Jerusalem”, “Homesick Angel”, “He Loved Me Anyway”, “Better Farther On” and “The Time Is Now”.

11th-hour11th Hour has already found a place in the annual countdown with their 2012 album Steppin’ Out being ranked #16 among the best albums of the year.

The stand out song from that recording is also strong enough to be considered among the best songs recorded in Southern Gospel music in 2012.  “He Sees What We Don’t” is a strong lyrical ballad that is performed flawlessly by vocalist Amber Eppinette.

Amber, along with Joseph Habedank wrote this powerful song.  11th Hour has also been named one of the artists to watch in 2013 by Absolutely Gospel.  Listen to a clip of the song ranked #12 among the best of 2012; “He Sees What We Don’t”.

The first half of the countdown concludes tomorrow with #11.


One thought on “Best Of 2012 – #12

  1. I love the Tribute Quartet CD, and it will be appearing on my countdown just a few slots higher than number 12.

    Meanwhile, my twelth favorite album for 2012 is “What the World Doesn’t Know” by Soul’d Out Quartet. I was disappointed when Bryan Hutson left the Kingsmen, but was excited to hear him with Soul’d Out. Bryan is one of my favorite lead singers, and he is certainly a huge addition to this already solid quartet. While this CD lacks that one song that really stood out to me as one of my top 10 songs for the year, it does not have any really weak songs. It is so consistent from top to bottom that it is hard for me to pick my favorite songs. Some of the ones that have caused me to hit the repeat button are “All Things are Possible”, “Since I’ve Been Saved”, “Worthy the Lamb is He”, and “When They had Prayed”.

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