Best Of 2012 – #15

This first week of December closes with the album and recorded song ranked #15 among the year’s best.  Yesterday, the Nelons had the #16 recorded song of 2012.

Today, the album of the same name, Come On Home, ranks #15 among the best Southern Gospel albums released in 2012.  Produced by Bill Gaither, Come On Home is an easy listening type recording.  Reminiscent of what the Bill Gaither Trio would record, this album is dominated by slower, more reflective type songs.

What sets it apart is the power house vocal work put in by all three members of the Nelons.  As a result, Come On Home is one of the best Southern Gospel albums released in 2012.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Come On Home”, “Jesus, I Just Want To Say I’m Sorry”, “Come To The River”, “The Sun’s Coming Up”, “I Choose The Lord” and “Morning Has Broken”.

The song ranked #15 among the best songs recorded in 2012, is one of the most personal you’ll find in the entire list.

Everyone in Southern Gospel music is aware of the battle Sheri Easter faced with breast cancer several years ago.  Now that she in on the other side of that battle, she recorded a song on the group’s 2012 album, Eyes Wide Open, titled “I Know How It Feels To Survive”.

Penned by Sheri and son Madison Easter, Sheri delivers this song with assurance.  The listener can believe every word she is singing.  Listen to a clip of #15 among the best recorded songs of 2012; “I Know How It Feels To Survive”.

The countdown continues Monday with #14.


One thought on “Best Of 2012 – #15

  1. While I enjoyed the Nelons album, it did not quite make my top 20 list. Another mixed trio comes in at number 15 on my countdown for 2012. Jeff and Sheri Easter’s “Eyes Wide Open” continues a long string of really good albums by this great group. As a long time Jeff and Sheri fan, I am really enjoying the true trio sound with the addition of Morgan. With Morgan and Madison both involved in the group now (as well as Madison’s wife), I think the time has come to officially change their name to the Easters. My favorite song on “Eyes Wide Open” is Jeff’s feature on “I’ll Take It”. Similar to the previous hit song “Over and Over” that also featured Jeff, I can see this song being a huge hit. Other favorites are “A Little Bit of Sunshine”, “Sittin on Top of the World”, “I Know How it Feels to Survive”, and “Love Is”.

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