Best Of 2012 – #16

The countdown continues and it is mixed trios that land at #16 among the best Southern Gospel albums and recorded songs of 2012.

The mixed trio that lands at #16 among the best album releases of the year is 11th Hour.  This trio is new to many listeners as Steppin’ Out is only the group’s second album.  The group’s style is reminiscent of the Hinsons, mixed with a little Crabb Family and add just a dash of the Martins.

11th Hour gained exposure with their hit radio song from 2011, “Adam’s Fall”.  Anchored by lead vocalist and songwriter Amber Eppinette, the group’s future looks bright.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “He’s See What We Don’t”, “Bloodline”, “Tomb To The Table”, “Steppin’ Out” and “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

The mixed trio that has the #16 recorded song of 2012 is the Nelons.  A group name that has been around for over thirty years but the Nelons of today have seen a resurgence in their career over the last several years.

That resurgence is a direct result of their last several album releases.  The title track of their 2012 album, “Come On Home” is the song that finds a home as the #16 recorded song of the year.

Penned by the dynamic songwriting duo of Bill and Gloria Gaither, the strength of “Come On Home” is the vocal performance turned in by Amber Thompson.  Amber is one of the best female vocalists singing Southern Gospel music right now.  Listen to a clip of the #16 song of 2012; “Come On Home”.

Tomorrow brings #15.


One thought on “Best Of 2012 – #16

  1. “Steppin Out” is one of the albums from 2012 that I have not purchased yet, but it is high on my list. I was able to see 11th Hour earlier this year for the first time, and I really enjoyed them. I also enjoyed their debut project “Gather Round”.

    As I continue my top 20 countdown I ranked the Booth Brother’s “A Tribute to the Songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither” number 16 for 2012. This CD would have probably ranked higher in my countdown if not for several songs that just were not any better than previous versions already in my collection. However, it also has enough new songs as well as great arrangments of older songs to place it in my top 20. I really enjoy the new songs “I Played in the Band” and the beautiful “Let the Healing Begin”. Other highlights in include: “Because He Lives” (my all time favorite Gaither song), “Tell Me”, “Joy in the Camp”, and “I’m Free”.

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