Best Of 2012 – #17

Today we look at the Southern Gospel album and recorded song ranked #17 among the best of 2012.  Soul’d Out Quartet picked up Bryan Hutson from the Kingsmen and released a new album back in February.

That album, What The World Doesn’t Know, was strong enough to rank #17 among the best Southern Gospel albums released this year.  The album’s strength was in the ballads recorded by the group.  The strongest of those was “Worthy The Lamb Is He”.

Soul’d Out Quartet is still in search of that mega-song to propel them further in Southern Gospel music.  With resident songwriter Matt Rankin churning out songs and the vocal line-up the group has now, that song may be just around the corner.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Worthy The Lamb Is He”, “He Is There”, “Thank You Lord”, “Since I’ve Been Saved” and “If You’ll Just Ask Him”.

#17 among the best Southern Gospel recorded songs of 2012 is a song that also is one of the best radio songs of the year.

The Crabb Family came together again and released a new album in February.  The first single, “If There Ever Was A Time”, is the song that ranks #17 among the best recorded songs of 2012.

Penned by Caleb Collins and Sue Smith, “If There Ever Was A Time” is a reflective song that features each member of the group at some point in the song.  This is one of the strongest vocal songs the Crabb Family has recorded and yet there is nothing fancy to the performance.  Enjoy a clip of the #17 recorded song of the year; “If There Ever Was A Time”.

Up next:  #16.


One thought on “Best Of 2012 – #17

  1. I agree with you on the Soul’d Out CD. It will make an appearence a little later in my countdown.

    My 17th favorite album onf 2012 is “Hymns” by Guy Penrod. I wouldn’t usually rank a hymns project this high, but I love Guy’s version of many of these great songs. I was a huge Guy Penrod fan when he was with the Gaither Vocal Band, and the country gospel style he has adapted as a soloist fits him so well that it has only made me enjoy him that much more. I also thought the song selection on this CD was really great. Highlights for me are “Rock of Ages/I Stand Amazed”, What a Friend”, We’ll Understand it Better By and By”, and “Down at the Cross”.

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