Best Of 2012 – #18

The best of 2012 countdown marches on today with the album and recorded song at #18.  When the dust settled on the 48 albums I listened to in 2012, the Taylors found a home at #18 among the twenty best.

The Taylors are keeping traditional mixed quartet Southern Gospel music alive and Almost Home is an album that features that style of singing.  The group took three Downings classics and kept the arrangements close the original versions.  Jeff Stice produced this album for the Taylors, only enhancing that classic mixed quartet sound.

The Taylors future is bright in Southern Gospel music and they can be proud of having a great 2012 with one of the best album releases of the year.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Paid In Full”, “Getting Ready Today”, “In My Wildest Dreams”, “Oh I Want To See Him” and “If The Lord Wasn’t Walking By My Side”.

The best recorded songs of 2012 finds Canton Junction at #18.  This new group is composed of Matthew Hagee (tenor), Aaron Crabb (lead), Michael Sykes (baritone) and Tim Duncan (bass).

The group released a twenty song debut album in September that was a mix of old and new material.  Of all the songs found on the album, “Show Me Your Way”, was the song that stood out above the rest and is #18 among the best recorded songs of 2012.

Penned by Lenny LeBlanc and Mark Moses, Aaron Crabb turns in a strong vocal performance adding a blues touch to the song.  Listen to a clip of the #18 recorded song of 2012; “Show Me Your Way”.

The countdown continues tomorrow with #17.


One thought on “Best Of 2012 – #18

  1. My 18th favorite album for 2012 is “Greatest Hits Live” by the Booth Brothers. I am not usually a fan of greatest hits albums because, as a fan with an extensive collection, I usually have most (if not all) of a popular group’s greatest hits. However, this Booth Brother’s recording is an exception because it is not only live but also contains 2 new songs. Both of the new songs on this album (“Right in the Middle” and “What the World Needs to Hear”) are great songs and will probably be big hits for the group. Other favorites from the CD are live versions of “Welcome to the Family”, “The Blind Man”, “Bread Upon the Water”, and “Stuff of Life”.

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