Best Of 2012 – #20

The time has come to take a look at the best Southern Gospel albums released in 2012.  The month of December will be devoted to counting down the 20 best albums and the 20 best recorded songs of the year.

Kicking off the count down at #20 is one of the biggest surprises of the year; Broken & Blessed by Shannon Knight.  Shannon’s power vocals and strong song selection allowed this album to find a spot at #20.  Shannon spent some time with the Daryl Williams Trio, but Broken & Blessed is his first solo album.

Broken & Blessed is the only solo artist album to find a place in the 20 best Southern Gospel album releases of 2012, making it the best solo artist album reviewed by this blogger this year.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Good News Is Coming Down The Road”, “Between Two Thieves”, “I’ve Been Broken”, “Gotta Go Back” and “My Soul Is Lifted Up”.

Selecting the 20 best recorded songs of 2012 consisted of ranking each song from all 48 recordings on a scale of 1 to 10.  I then ranked those songs and the highest ranked twenty songs are those you find on this list.

Off all the songs recorded in 2012, the Soul’d Out Quartet lands at #20 with the Matt Rankin penned song; “Worthy The Lamb Is He”.  Found on the group’s 2012 release, What The World Doesn’t Know, the song is a traditional Southern Gospel power ballad that builds in intensity as the song comes to a close.

Soul’d Out Quartet has had some personnel shifts in 2012 with Bryan Hutson coming aboard as Baritone singer and most recently Ian Owens became the group’s bass singer with the departure of long time member Matt Fouch.  Enjoy a clip of the #20 recorded song of 2012; “Worthy The Lamb Is He”.

The countdown continues tomorrow with #19.

2 thoughts on “Best Of 2012 – #20

  1. Shannon Knight’s CD is one that I do not have, but It sounds like something I would really like (maybe I will win the contest and get it). 🙂

    I really enjoy this countdown on the blog every year. In fact, it is probably my favorite of all the great features that you present. The last 2 years I have also enjoyed posting my top 10 CD’s of the year, and this year I thought I would attempt to expand that to my top 20.

    My 20th favorite CD for 2012 is “Almost Home” by the Taylors. I have a previous album by this group, but I had not really considered them a top group in Southern Gospel until I was able to see them in person earlier this year. I was really impressed by these young people. They have a great classic mixed group sound, yet they add just enough modern touch to make their music fresh. Some of my favorite songs on “Almost Home” are “Gettin Ready Today”, “In My Wildest Dreams”, “Paid In Full”, “Oh I Want To See Him” and “I’m Gonna Make It”.

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