Album Covers To Rank – Set 17

This will be the final set of album covers to rank this year.  I will pick up with the final three sets at the first of the year.  In the comments section rank each album from 1 to 6 (1 being best, 6 being worst).  Click on thumbnail for larger image.

09 – Booth Brothers (2009)

Live – Gold City (1982)

Wanted Live – Happy Goodmans (1971)

Excited – Hemphills (1985)

Fireside Hymns – Imperials (1964)

Come Thirsty – Perrys (2006)


5 thoughts on “Album Covers To Rank – Set 17

  1. 1. Happy Goodmans – cool concept
    2. Perrys – another cool concept
    3. Imperials – odd to be two-color, but still gets the idea across
    4. Gold City
    5. Booth Brothers
    6. Hemphills

    Not a bad one in this bunch. Even #5 and #6 are strong enough that I would have ranked them in the top three in some of the other bunches.

  2. 1.Both Brothers-great modern look.
    2.Goodmans-loved the wanted poster look and concept.
    3.Gold City-good look and liked the name logo.
    4.Imperials-great cover and concept,didn’t like the big white heartwarming logo up in the way.
    5.Perrys-just didn’t like this one, the picture is off center, at a wrong angle ,and the back ground is off focus ,and to top it all off ,i hate tea
    6.Hemphills-too pastel ,and the concept and title don’t match.

  3. 1. Perrys: Simply a beautiful shot and design. My inner photography geek’s heart is warmed.

    2. Booth Brothers: I like the way all the different shots are laid out. Very classy and crisp.

    3. Goodmans: I love it!

    4. Gold City: I really like the shot, but I think the lettering goes overboard.

    5. Imperials: I love the concept, but there’s too much red.

    6. Hemphills: This struck me as too cutesy, and the outfits/hair doesn’t help (but those are precisely the things that couldn’t be helped).

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