Greatest Hits Live – Booth Brothers


  • Album – Greatest Hits Live
  • Artist – Booth Brothers
  • Label – Daywind Records
  • Style – Traditional, Progressive
  • Release Date – 10/23/12
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes)


This is the final album review of 2012.  The Booth Brothers have been busy in the recording studio in 2012.  Greatest Hits Live is the fourth recording, if you count the Jubilee 3 recording, for the Booth Brothers to release in 2012.  Requested and A Tribute To The Songs Of Bill And Gloria Gaither are the other two.  I reviewed the latter.

If not for the two new songs featured on Greatest Hits Live, I would not have reviewed this album.  There is not much that can be said about greatest hits albums.

Daywind Records also released a greatest hits album (Our Most Requested Live) by Greater Vision in 2012.  I decided not to review that album since it was an album full of previously recorded music.


  • The two new songs:  “Right In The Middle” and “What The World Needs To Hear” are two new studio tracks found on Greatest Hits Live.  “Right In The Middle” is the current single at radio.  It is a nice mid to up tempo number that should do well for the Booth Brothers.
  • Jim, Ronnie and Michael are all featured on “What The World Needs To Hear”.  A ballad that explains that the Gospel is indeed what the world needs to hear.  Since this is the only other new song on the album, I would guess this song will eventually make it to radio as well.
  • There was an impromptu blooper on “The Stuff Of Life” that they decided to keep in.
  • As far as the song covers “Bread Upon The Water” stood out above the rest.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Right In The Middle”, “What The World Needs To Hear”, “Bread Upon The Water”, “Look For Me At Jesus Feet” and “What Salvation’s Done For Me”.
  • Getting another cover of “He Saw It All” and “Still Feelin’ Fine”.  The latter could be retired for a while.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Still Feelin’ Fine” and “Welcome To The Family”.


Will two new songs be enough for folks to purchase a Greatest Hits Live album from the Booth Brothers?  With the group being the peak of their popularity, I think they will sell plenty of all four albums released in 2012.  If you are a listener who enjoys getting the group’s best songs on one album, you will enjoy Greatest Hits Live.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – SONGWRITER:  1. “In The Sweet By And By”/Ensemble; Jim – Sanford Bennet, Joseph Webster  2. “Welcome To The Family”/Ensemble – Jim Brady, Barry Weeks, Tony Wood  3. “He Saw It All”/Ronnie – Daryl Mosley  4. “Look For Me At Jesus Feet”/Michael – Squire Parsons  5. “Bread Upon The Water”/Ensemble; Jim – Bill Grine, Janny Grine  6. “She Still Remembers Jesus Name”/Ronnie – Melody Goodman  7. “What Salvation’s Done For Me”/Ronnie – Rusty Golden, Dianne Wilkinson  8. “Stuff Of Life”/Michael – Jim Brady, Barry Weeks, Tony Wood  9. “Still Feelin’ Fine”/Ensemble – Mosie Lister  10. “Right In The Middle”/Michael – Marty Funderburk, Patti Hawkins, Kenna Turner West  11. “What The World Needs To Hear”/Jim; Ronnie; Michael – Rusty Golden, Dianne Wilkinson


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