Album Covers To Rank – Set 16

Time to rank set 16 of the best/worst Southern Gospel album covers.  In the comments section rank them from 1 to 6 (1 being best, 6 being worst).  Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Things That Last Forever – Brian Free and Assurance (1995)

Prayer In Motion – Crabb Family (1998)

A New Chapter – Dixie Echoes (2005)

100% Pure Southern Gospel – Dixie Melody Boys (1997)

Crucified With Christ – Driven Quartet (2011)

Everyday People – Greater Vision (2007)

8 thoughts on “Album Covers To Rank – Set 16

  1. 1.Driven-good colors ,great pose.
    2.Crabbs-i’ve always liked this one just because it’s different.
    3.Dixie Echoes-nice ,it has that old timey look yet,up to date and a good concept,the lighting could have been better.
    4.Greater Vision-nice enough just don’t like the yellow.
    5.DMB-also like this one ,but the first 5 were pretty evenly matched ,this one looked a little more generic.
    6.Assurance-don’t like black and white usually.

    1. I guess I’m in the minority on Driven. The guy in the upper right of their shot looked like they caught him in the middle of a snarl, or preparing to brush his teeth, or something! And don’t get me started on their hair, head or facial.

  2. 1. Driven – Nice modern cover
    2. Greater Vision – I really like this cover. My only complaint is that the cropping is a bit too tight on the sides.
    3. Dixie Echoes – Good concept, but richer colors would have been better.
    4. Crabb Family – Colorful
    5. Dixie Melody Boys – Good concept and look on the graphics, but it would have been better if the group photo had tied in. This is just a random pose in a church.
    6. Brian Free & Assurance – It’s too washed out.

  3. 1. Dixie Echoes: Beautiful idea and layout.
    2. GV: Gerald’s smile looks a bit frozen, but I like the casual look to match the title.
    3. BFA: There’s no title tie-in, but it’s a classy picture.
    4. Crabb Family: Cute, if contrived.
    5. DMB: Really cheesy. The orange carton look doesn’t blend well with the stained glass.
    6. Driven: I mean… seriously? Awful.

    1. I just wish the colors on the DE album were a little more saturated and contrasty. The scene itself with the old books is fine. They could have tweaked the photo to make it pop out more.

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