Ten On Ten – Thrasher Brothers

This week the ten on ten feature highlights the recording career of the Thrasher Brothers.  Another artist that a majority of today’s Southern Gospel listeners are not familiar with.  A group that began in 1948, but found their greatest success in the decade of the 1970’s.

The group would follow the lead of the Oak Ridge Boys and take a turn at mainstream country music in the early 1980’s.  The Thrasher Brothers biggest albums came with their time spent with Canaan Records.

The Thrasher Brothers ten best albums are as follows:

  1. The Spirit Of The Dove (1977)
  2. Live (1978)
  3. Heart To Heart (1975)
  4. Turning It On (1970)
  5. Come Alive (1972)
  6. Daybreak (1978)
  7. Now Hear This (1971)
  8. One Day At A Time (1974)
  9. Rid’N High (1969)
  10. For Goodness Sake (1968)
  • Nine of the group’s ten best recordings were all recorded with Canaan Records.  The pinnacle in the Thrasher Brothers discography is the 1977 album The Spirit Of The Dove.
  • Country overtones were prevalent in the music found on The Spirit Of The Dove.  The album was anchored by the title track.  The listener was also treated to “Let Jesus Lead You”, “I’m Riding The Tide”, “My Soul Is A Witness”, “The More I Sing The Happier I Feel” and “I Wanna Be Ready”.
  • The group recorded a couple live recordings in the 1970’s.  The 1978 Live album is #2 among the group’s ten best.  The live concert experience of the Thrasher Brothers is captured on this album.  “Jacob’s Ladder” is a fun song that the Kingdom Heirs covered about 15 years after.  One of the group’s biggest songs during this era, “Heaven’s Just A Prayer Away” is also found on this album.
  • The other live album, the 1972 Come Alive, ranks #5 among the group’s ten best.  While the album contains mainly popular songs of that time period (“He Did It All For Me”, “I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary”, “I Won’t Have To Worry”, “That Day Is Almost Here”), it is the group’s version of “Heavenly Parade” that is a must listen.
  • The brothers (Buddy, Jim and Joe) started singing as children in 1948.  All three would remain members of the group during the group’s career.  John Gresham would be the bass singer for the Thrasher Brothers during the group’s biggest years.  Jerry Goff also got his start as a member of the Thrasher Brothers.
  • #3 among the group’s ten best recordings is the 1975 album Heart To Heart.  The title track along with “Sinner’s Plea”, “I Need A Touch”, “If It Keeps Getting Better”, “Take Me Back To Calvary” and “I Will Sail Away Home” all highlight this album.
  • The only non-Canaan Records album to land in the top ten is the 1968 album For Goodness Sake (ranked #10).  The Thrasher Brothers give their personal touch to classics such as “After Awhile”, “The Love Of God”, “Higher Ground”, “Highway To Heaven” and “The Last Mile Of The Way”.
  • One little fun tidbit about the Thrasher Brothers that many may not be aware of is they actually sang the theme song the 1980’s TV show, Simon And Simon.
  • While the group never had a mega-song, the Thrasher Brothers can be identified with the following songs (in addition to those already listed):  “I’ll Get My Reward”, “Jesus Is My Kind Of People”, “The Morning After”, “One Day At A Time”, “Tear Stains” and “That’s When He Wrote My Name”.
  • The Thrasher Brothers used the tagline, ‘Those Singing Americans’, for most of their career.  One can only wonder if The Singing Americans got their group name as a result.



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