Album Covers To Rank – Set 15

This week finds set 15 in the album covers to rank.  In the comments section rank each album from 1 to 6 (1 being best, 6 being worst).  Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Paradise Island – Blackwood Brothers Quartet (1959)

New Point Of View – Gaither Vocal Band (1984)

Refreshing – Happy Goodmans (1978)

Pure Vintage – Inspirations (2001)

The Game Of Life – Kingsmen (1984)

Stand Your Ground – Three Bridges (2004)

6 thoughts on “Album Covers To Rank – Set 15

  1. 1. Inspirations – my favorite album cover or vocal configuration of all time? Well, no. But at least, unlike a couple of the others here, it makes sense.
    2. Gaither Vocal Band – Sure, it’s odd, but at least it makes sense.
    3. Happy Goodmans – It’s so ironic and makes so little sense that … I guess I love it!
    4. Three Bridges
    5. Kingsmen
    6. Blackwood Brothers .,.because having half-clothed natives on a cover is just a little too weird

  2. 1. It’s tough to decide between #1 and 2, so I am going with the GVB or I guess New GVB. 🙂 By the way, this album is great. I like every song on there (although there is one that took me a while to warm up to). This is the album that got me into the Vocal Band and I then got the previous two.
    2. Inspirations – This is nicely done.
    3. Three Bridges – Although it doesn’t capture the theme as well as some, it looks cool
    4. Kingsmen
    5. Goodmans
    6. Blackwood Brothers – Although it captures the theme, it is dated and I am not fond of cartoon covers.

  3. 1. Inspirations – I love the diner setting and the neon group name. The matching suits look stuffy, though.
    2. Kingsmen – I’m not crazy about the leisure suits, but it was the style at the time. This is not a great cover, but it’s one of the best in this group of six.
    3. GVB – Good concept, but not the greatest pose.
    4. Goodmans – A picnic in the snow in short sleeves would be invigorating, I suppose.
    5. Blackwood Brothers – Corny.
    6. Three Bridges – Ridiculously over-designed.

  4. 1.Goodmans-liked the KFC box .
    2.Inspirations-liked the vintage diner effect.
    3.Kingsmen-liked the graphics and the baseball.
    4.Three Bridges-good pose ,didn’t like the backdrop.
    5.GVB-don’t like the band in a basket look.
    6.Blackwoods-don’t like cartoon look much.

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