Retro Spotlight – ‘Sing With The Tennesseans’

This week in the retro spotlight, as we continue our look at the recording period in Southern Gospel music between the years 1955 and 1965, is an album from the Tennesseans.  Not to be confused with the group put together by Willie Wynn in the 1970’s, the Tennesseans Quartet of the early 1960’s consisted of Southern Gospel legends (by today’s standards).

The group was composed of Wally Laxon (tenor), Jimmy Vassar (lead), Dean Bassham (baritone), Noel Fox (bass) and Eddie Crook (pianist).  Noel Fox would go on to sing bass with the Oak Ridge Boys and Eddie Crook would go on to play for the Plainsmen, Sego Brothers & Naomi and the Happy Goodman Family.  Eddie would also start MorningStar Records and launch many a recording career in the 1980’s.

Dale Shelnut (of Dixie Echoes fame) also spent some time with the Tennesseans Quartet before joining the Dixie Echoes.  Enjoy these sound bytes from the Tennesseans 1962 Heart Warming Records album Sing With The Tennesseans.


3 thoughts on “ Retro Spotlight – ‘Sing With The Tennesseans’

  1. What a great, underrated group. It’s a shame that the powers in gospel music never allowed this group to prosper. Their four albums contained some wonderful singing! The albums with Dale Shelnut were especially good.

  2. Being way way before my time, I had never heard of them. I must say that were a great sounding quartet.

    John – What caused them to be held down? Talent just kept getting pulled from the group? I like the history of the group.

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