Ten On Ten – Whisnants

Another week starts with another ten on ten feature.  This week highlights the recording career of the Whisnants.  A family group that began singing in 1970 but didn’t rise to prominence in the Southern Gospel industry until the early 1990’s.

A mixed trio that has found major radio success over the course of the last decade garnering a handful of #1 hits.  The Whisnants have just over twenty recordings in their discography.

The Whisnants ten best albums are as follows:

  1. New Day Dawning (2005)
  2. Anthem Of Praise (2001)
  3. More Than Enough (2011)
  4. A Glimpse Of Grace (1999)
  5. Life Worth Living (2009)
  6. Promises (2007)
  7. Joy (2003)
  8. In Fine Fashion (1990)
  9. Still Standing (1997)
  10. With Wings (1991)
  • The pinnacle in the Whisnants discography is their 2005 album New Day Dawning.  The title track alone took this group to a whole new level.  It is truly a signature mega song for the group.
  • New Day Dawning also gave the listener “When The Morning Breaks”, “He Left It All”, “A Greater Yes”, “Heaven’s Lamb”, “He Knows My Name” and “Thank God For Grace”.
  • Next in line among the group’s ten best (at #2) is the 2001 album Anthem Of Praise.  This was the first Whisnants album to feature new vocalist Aaron Hise.  Aaron is still singing with the Whisnants, giving the group vocal stability for over a decade.
  • The album gave the listener many great songs including “As Faithful As You”, “What You Took From Me”, “Land Of The Free”, “The Next Time That You See Me”, “Song Of The Redeemed” and “Under Grace”.
  • The final album to feature vocalist Curt Davis, who would go on to sing with the Perrys for several years, lands at #4 among the group’s ten best.  The 1999 album A Glimpse Of Grace is the album that gave the Whisnants their first #1 song.  “Is Anything Too Hard For God” was that first #1 hit that went on to receive a nomination for song of the year.
  • The early part of the Whisnants rise in Southern Gospel music shouldn’t be overlooked.  The group’s 1990 album In Fine Fashion ranks #8 among the group’s ten best while the 1991 With Wings lands at #10.
  • The vocal line-up on these two albums were Jeff and Susan Whisnant, along with Jeff’s brother John.  A couple of the group’s early hits found on these two albums include “Walkin’ In The Middle”, “Love Bigger Than Heaven”, “Greatest Hero”, Homesick Feeling”, “When The Blood Was Applied” and “Mercy’s Child”.
  • In addition to the songs already mentioned, look at all these other hits that the Whisnants have given Southern Gospel music:  “Be Not Afraid”, “Even In The Valley”, “Grand Opening Soon”, “Homecoming”, “I’ll Pray For You”, “I’ll Trust The Potter’s Hands”, “King Jesus Is Coming”, “Lookin’ For A Miracle”, “Nail It To The Cross”, “Past Is A Promise”, “The Day Will Come” and “They That Wait”.
  • The Whisnants started as a family ministry with patriarch and matriarch John and Betty Whisnant.  A musical family that continues some forty years later.
  • The Whisnants have been recognized as one of Southern Gospel music’s best trios.  They have been top five nominees in the Singing News fan awards for trio of the year on many occasions.  Their success has no signs of slowing down any time soon.



2 thoughts on “Ten On Ten – Whisnants

  1. The Whisnants have put out some great music and are always wonderful in concert. Sadly, they do not get the recognition they deserve, in my opinion.

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