The Definitive Southern Gospel Collection – 1973

I always strive to present the best Southern Gospel music had to offer through the course of its history.  The definitive Southern Gospel collection accomplishes that and this week we take a look at the best albums released in the year 1973.

The Singing News fan awards were in their infancy in 1973.  The Happy Goodmans won group of the year while “He Pilots My Ship” by the Hinsons picked up song of the year.  Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys was awarded male vocalist and Ann Downing (Downings) won female vocalist.

On the Dove Awards front, “Why Me Lord” was awarded song of the year and Street Gospel by the Oak Ridge Boys was awarded album of the year.  The Blackwood Brothers and the Bill Gaither Trio also picked up Gospel Grammy Awards in 1973.

The definitive twenty albums released in Southern Gospel music in 1973 are:

  1. A Love Story…Love Beyond Compare – Downings (Heart Warming)
  2. Leaning On The Arms Of Jesus – JD Sumner & Stamps (Heart Warming)
  3. Big And Live – Kingsmen (Canaan)
  4. Live – Dixie Echoes (Supreme)
  5. Street Gospel – Oak Ridge Boys (Heart Warming)
  6. The Legendary Goodmans – Happy Goodmans (Canaan)
  7. Greater – Downings (Heart Warming)
  8. Better Than Ever – Florida Boys (Canaan)
  9. Sing Me On Home – Rambos (Heart Warming)
  10. We Promise You Gospel – Hinsons (Calvary)
  11. I Never Shall Forget The Day – Speers (Heart Warming)
  12. Sonshine – Rambos (Heart Warming)
  13. In Action – Hemphills (Heart Warming)
  14. Touring That City – Speers (Heart Warming)
  15. The Last Sunday – Cathedral Quartet (Canaan)
  16. Live Here Tonight – Jerry & Singing Goffs (Lighthouse)
  17. The Dearest Friend I Ever Had – Sego Brothers & Naomi (Heart Warming)
  18. Puts It Together – Blue Ridge Quartet (Canaan)
  19. Plenty Of Time – Galileans (Rainbow Sound)
  20. Touring That City – Inspirations (Canaan)

Listen to a mash-up of music from the twenty best albums released in 1973.  Enjoy!

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